How To Test a Computer For Cryptojacking Mining Scripts?

By Kapil Gauhar

It comes with no surprise to hear the stories where a hackers makes his way with someone’s hard earned cryptocurrency by nefarious means.

In this regard, Cryptojacking has quickly become one of the biggest threats to the crypto holders all over the world.

However, the crazy part of this is that many folks don’t even realize how exposed they have been to such dangers.

Let’s not waste the time, and get straight to the point.

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Fundamentals of Cryptojacking

Before moving on to anything else, it is important to first learn about the basics of Cryptojacking.

In the essence, Cryptojacking is the term used to describe any type of malicious activity, in which a 3rd party agent steals someone’s hardware resources for cryptocurrency mining.

What this generally means is that a hacker is able to steal your virtual resources, causing your electricity bill to spike consistently.

How Will You Know Of Getting Cryptojacked?

As mentioned previously, Cryptojacking makes use of the hosts of computer resources, which results in causing a hike in their CPU usage.

Thus, one of the first signs to look out for in such a case is whether or not your computer is becoming hotter than usual. Also, you have to check if it’s making more sound than normal.

Similarly, another way to see whether you’ve been a victim of cryptojacking is by checking your computer’s resource monitor and observing your ‘idle CPU usage.’

In case your CPU looks to be working at full capacity for no reason, you can be sure someone is trying to drain your resources.

At last, there is also a free test available online for people to check out a computer for cryptojacking mining script.

It is essentially looks at your system’s performance, and then allows you to know whether or not your computer is being used for any shady activity.

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Want to Protect Yourself from Cryptojackers?

Cryptojackers usually share similar tactics whenever it comes to infecting someone’s computer with malware.

For instance, a lot of hackers run malicious script on some common websites that you keep visiting and infect your computer when you click on links.

To stop cryptojacking, what you can do is simply use good antivirus like Avast, McAfee. Both of these companies have been updating their virus definitions in recent times for including cryptocurrency bugs and malware.

In addition, if a cryptojacker has embedded some foul code into the browser, then your best bet would be to update your browser.

Also, you can make use of some blockers like No Coin, minerBlock, Coin-Hive Blocker, etc. to keep cryptojackers at distance.

Final Take

Stay Safe, Stay Protected!

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