Round The Block

Japanese Internet Company GMO To Integrate Blockchain In Its Upcoming Online Banking Venture

The major Japanese internet service provider GMO Internet inc. has recently extended its business enterprise by venturing into ...
Jul 18, 2018

IBM Has Teamed Up With Columbia University To Leverage Columbia’s Academic And Scientific Networks

Continuing its foray deep into the blockchain space with a series of fresh moves, IBM has announced that it is now partnering w...
Jul 18, 2018

Boeing To Partner With AI Firm To Develop Blockchain For Tracking Unmanned Air Vehicles

Boeing, the leading name in aviation, announced that it plans to make use of the potential of blockchain technology to monitor ...
Jul 18, 2018

Hong Kong Banks To Launch A Trade Finance Platform Using Blockchain

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has announced the launch of its new trade finance platform to take place before Septemb...
Jul 17, 2018

Housing Finance Corporation Joins Hands With Korean Internet Agency To Develop Blockchain Platform

Korea has made some impressive progress when it comes to integrating blockchain in various sectors. A Korean News Agency, Newsi...
Jul 17, 2018

This Platform Provides Insurance For Blockchain Companies

A London based company called iXledger has recently launched a Blockchain Insurance service. Founded in early 2017, it aims to ...
Jul 17, 2018

Accenture Partners with Thales Group to Update Aircraft Supply Chains Using Blockchain

Accenture, the consultancy firm from Dublin, has teamed up with Thales Group, an aerospace MNC from France, in order to make us...
Jul 17, 2018

Bank of Thailand Might Consider Using Blockchain For Overseas Business

On July 12, while giving his speech at the Bloomberg ASEAN Business Summit, the Governor of the Bank of Thailand (BoT) said tha...
Jul 15, 2018

Digital Collectibles Inspired By Public Figures Offered on a Blockchain Platform

Crypton Labs, a blockchain based platform is giving people an opportunity to buy exclusive, digital collectibles inspired by po...
Jul 15, 2018

What’s China’s Relationship Like With Bitcoin and Blockchain?

Once upon a time, trade relations between Renminbi (RMB) from China and Bitcoin were massively popular. However, if we go by re...
Jul 13, 2018