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Crypto buying and mining should be banned, says US Congressman

Jul 19, 2018
The crypto market had its attention fixed on Capitol Hill on 18th July as the U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade took up issues concerning digital currencies for discussion. Congressman Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, has maintained a firm stance against cryptocurrencies sinc...

CyClean Uses Crypto Transport to Clear Smog

Jul 19, 2018
Mofassir Hossain, who heads the marketing department of CyClean, has, in a recent interview to the Irish Tech News portal, commented on how CyClean is making forays into the renewable energy space to get rid of smog and provide a clean crypto transport system powered by blockchain. Hossain said that renewa...

Cryptocurrencies Are On Their Way To Become Top Sponsors Of Sports

Jul 18, 2018
Cryptocurrency companies are poised to become the largest sector to start investing as sponsors in sports, most notably club football. With the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the focus of football enthusiasts has moved back to club football and cryptocurrency firms are out to grab eyeballs and p...

Mastercard’s New Patent Might Allow Bitcoin Transactions On Credit Cards For Customers

Jul 18, 2018
The crypto industry definitely requires facilitation of the credit card institutions so that the transactions of bitcoins could flow smoothly between customers and organizations. Therefore, it comes as great news to the crypto users that MasterCard has recently won a new patent through which, it could allo...

Japanese Internet Company GMO To Integrate Blockchain In Its Upcoming Online Banking Venture

Jul 18, 2018
The major Japanese internet service provider GMO Internet inc. has recently extended its business enterprise by venturing into internet banking operations, GMO has expressed that they are going to include the much hyped about blockchain technology in its system among other cutting-edge technologies such as...

Stellar Procures Bahrain’s Sharia Certification for Payments and Asset Tokenization from Shariyah Review Bureau

Jul 18, 2018
Stellar development foundation, the body which is known for developing the Stellar Lumens (XLM) cryptocurrency, has become the first DLT (Digital Ledger technology) protocol to procure the Sharia certification for assets and Tokenization payment. The stellar development foundation came up with an announcem...
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