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Blockchain Startup Axoni Bags $32 Million Funding From Goldman Sachs

7 mins ago
BTC Wires: Blockchain and enterprise firm Axoni has managed to raise $32 million in a round of funding led by several high-profile international banking institutions and venture capital investors, including banking giants Goldman Sachs, along with Nyca Partners. The Series B funding boasted a number of oth...

Taproot Technology Launch To Enhance Privacy In Bitcoin, Upgrade Causing Delay

8 mins ago
BTC Wires: Taproot technology, which promises to fix the atrocious privacy settings of Bitcoin, is almost ready to be rolled out for use but is being held back by the delay in implementing the Schnorr upgrade and a lack of consensus between developers as to what features are to be included in the new syste...

What Is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

14 mins ago
BTC Wires: We are fortunate enough to be born in the era where everyone is moving towards a digital future. Initially, we had a digital watch, then photo, digital TV, digital marketing and so on. The world was ready for digital money and Bitcoin was born. So, its’s no surprise that in no time digital

Venezuelan Government Authorizes Petro As National Currency

14 mins ago
BTC Wires: Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela, has announced that Petro, the country’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, will be now used as a unit of account for transactions made inside the country. It will be used alongside the new Bolivar, pegged against the Petro, which will substitute the exis...

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Not Venture Enterprises: South Korea

24 mins ago
BTC Wires: In a press release issued on the 13th of August, the South Korean government announced their decision to exclude the cryptocurrency exchanges from the set of rules and regulations governing the venture enterprises. The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups [MSS], a government bod...

Binance To Launch An Institutional Initiative To Promote Blockchain Education

32 mins ago
BTC Wires: Binance has reported the dispatch of an eponymous instructive activity with the point of cultivating a more extensive comprehension of blockchain. The prevalent cryptographic money trade has made the open-gate to the stage, known as Finance Academy, to democratize instruction about blockchain an...
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