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Argentina’s Purchase Volume could be the Reason for Bitcoin’s next Bullish run

1 min ago
As recently reported the increasing interest for Bitcoin in Argentina as it is proving to be the saviour for the falling economy. The data including the rise in purchasing volume is looking good on paper and if this interest continues to grow the growth in the price of the Bitcoin should not be surprising....

A New Week For Crypto With Massive Hacks, Bitcoin ETF And Price Targets

1 hour ago
Heading into the new week, all of the top virtual currencies by market cap had made non-inconsequential additions, with a few tokens seeing dramatic increases in their values in a brief period. Let’s take a look at them all! The Price Watch Bitcoin is up 2.69% this week to $6,700 outperforming $6,500...

Unlocking the Ethereum Bull Code: ETH Constantinople Hard Fork Coming Next month

2 hours ago
Ethereum developers are planning to launch Ethereum hard fork Constantinople in the next month. The date is still not decided but everyone is eagerly waiting for the new hard fork with features like reward reduction and difficulty bomb. Hardfork will increase the efficiencies and lower the transaction fees...

Crypto Market Stabilizes After $25 Billion Surge

17 hours ago
In last 48 hours, the market capitalization of crypto market surged more than $25 billion. Once again the market cap crossed the mark of $200 billion, from $198 billion now the market capitalization is $223 billion.  From past some days, crypto market initiated a strong corrective rally as a result of extr...

Smart Dubai enables Blockchain-based Payment System

19 hours ago
The world keeps growing on the new technology and it seems the days are not far with the worldwide blockchain adoption. In the recent news, Smart Dubai Office (SDO) has launched the ‘Payment Reconciliation and Settlement’ System, developed in collaboration with the Dubai Department of Finance as a Blockcha...

Why Did Putin’s Advisor Meet The CEO of a Crypto Exchange?

19 hours ago
A recent meeting took place between Sergey Glazyev, advisor to infamous Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Huobi’s founder and CEO Leon Li in Beijing at Huobi’s office, on the 17th of September. According to sources, they met to discuss discuss blockchain technology, and Russia is seemingly ...
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