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Decentralizations in Stablecoins has not been achieved yet, says Experts

1 min ago
Stablecoin have quickly gained the popularity this year. A stablecoin is any cryptocurrency pegged to a stable asset, such as gold or fiat currencies. Often times stablecoins are linked to a DAO which controls issuance and pricing. Currently, there are dozens of stablecoins in circulation owning names like...

Bitmain co-founder Speaks about the Dilemma Between Privacy and Security

2 hours ago
In the World Digital Mining Summit, co-founder of Bitmain, Jihan Wu spoke about the security and privacy aspects of blockchain technology. The summit was hosted by Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain and cryptocurrency data startup, BitKan. Bitmain is a privately owned company and global leader of blockchain indu...

Crytpocurrency Will Now Be Accepted As Humanitarian Aid By UNICEF France

3 hours ago
In a welcome move to accomodate cryptocurency in the mainstream, UNICEF France has just announced that they will be accepting donations or humanitarian aid in the form of cryptocurrencies. This move is being wlecomed by crypto enthusiasts who wish to conduct charity work out of their own volition but do no...

Brexit Britain Can’t Rope-In Crypto Cowboys Alone

3 hours ago
According to Bloomberg Opinion columnist, Lionel Laurent Brexit Britain must get serious about regulating digital asset industry. Crypto regulation needs international efforts which cannot be done alone. Lionel Laurent believes that London cannot do the crypto regulation alone. In a UK Treasury Committee, ...

South Korean Government in favor of Blockchain Industry to Facilitate Industrial Growth

4 hours ago
According to the report from Business Korea, the Korean government is looking hopeful towards the future of Blockchain technology in order to flourish the blockchain industry in the nation. The Korean Ministry of Science and Information Communications Technology (MSICT) has vouched for further support to f...

New AML Standards Could Further Limit The Crypto Use By Extremists

5 hours ago
There has been a long-standing discussion concerning the instances of cryptocurrency by criminal components and radicals like ISIS. An ongoing report from Europol called attention to how psychological militant groups have tried to use cryptocurrencies to raise cash. CryptoGlobe reported about how Foundatio...
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