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The Future Of Blockchain Phones

Jul 22, 2018
From finance to economics, automobile to politics, blockchain has spread its roots in every sphere of this ecosystem. Yet development is like knowledge, once initiated, it never takes a toll. It might appear far-fetched but, communication industry might be the next big thing where blockchain is spreading i...

Ben And Jerry’s Partners With Carbon Poseidon Blockchain For Neutral Business

Jul 21, 2018
Ben and Jerry’s, London-based jubilant ice cream vendor is associating with Poseidon Foundation to contribute towards the environment. The brand has decided it would bring carbon credit worth a penny on a sale of every ice cream thereby helping to reduce the carbon emissions on a global level. Poseidon wou...

Baidu, the “Chinese Google” Launches A Blockchain Photo App

Jul 21, 2018
Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant and the owner of a private XuperChain network has now extended its foot into blockchain technology with a new app – Totem. It has incentivised its user to a blockchain based phot validating and sharing app. On Wednesday, the firm announced that the app is now li...

Central Bank Of Argentina Requests 42 Books on Blockchain

Jul 21, 2018
The Argentinian Central Bank has now been forced to take a keener interest in Bitcoin in the wake of the constant demise in the value of the Peso. For this reason, the Branco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA, or the Central Bank of Argentine Republic) has requested a roster of books about Bitcoin, i...

Blockchain Companies In Malta To Wait Before Applying For Approvals

Jul 21, 2018
A Times of Malta report dated 20th July states that the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has instructed in a statement that now blockchain operators have to wait before applying for authorisations and approvals till a recently sanctioned framework comes into force. In their new statement, the MFSA...

Blockchain Creating a Righteous Path for Refugees

Jul 21, 2018
The recent days have seen blockchain solutions being adopted in various industries and now it has also indicated its potential to help the cases of the unverified refugees, numbering over a billion according to World Bank reports. These people have no documentation to prove their identity and as time passe...
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