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Russia’s Banks to drive Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Jun 19, 2018
Two of Russia’s largest Banks are piloting cryptocurrency portfolios for their clients, the Kommersant Newspaper reported on Friday. Under the guidance of Bank of Russia, SberBank and Alfa Bank will offer their clients’ shares in a special fund that will be trading the six most popular cryptocurrencies on ...

Bitcoin Sees a Spike in its Price

Jun 19, 2018
After the news broke out that users of “Cash” mobile payments app can trade in Bitcoin in New York, the prices of Bitcoin suddenly spiked. Bitcoin, which is the single largest cryptocurrency in the market by market capitalization, saw a spike of 4.5% in its price taking it to $6,793.  This is its highest l...

Future of ICO Advertising

Jun 19, 2018
Because of the high volatility and the unregulated nature of the cryptocurrencies, the governments and many organisations are in a move of banning them. Not just this, even the big tech firms are taking a step back in crypto advertising. Such a ban will have a widespread effect which would severely hinder ...

Nvidia Adds Blockchain-AI Start-up To Incubator

Jun 18, 2018
One of the biggest graphics card producer, Nvidia, is now looking to develop a smart online platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in collaboration with a start-up called Ubex. It must be noted that Nvidia received a significant business boost from the massive demand for crypto mining las...
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