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G20’S Crypto Regulatory Stance May See Japan Behind The Steering Wheel

Jul 23, 2018
BTC Wires: The Japanese government historically has a played a major role in the inclusion of new rules and mechanism pertaining to cryptocurrency trading as they were the first among various other counterparts to agree to the new rules and laws. Now, with Japan being proactive in the formulation of Fintec...

Coffee Connoisseurs Can Now Trace Coffee Via Blockchain

Jul 23, 2018
BTC Wires: Bext360, a company which is known to structure and develop new technologies with a clear objective to simplify the critical supply chain in potentially emerging economies. Recently, the company has released the world’s first blockchain-traced coffee, which has been analyzed and traced usin...

Garments to be traced from origin to sale via blockchain

Jul 23, 2018
Have you ever wondered which roads your garments traverse before they adorn your body? If you have, there’s good news headed your way. You can now stop wondering and actually trace the above-mentioned journey of your garments. A startup in Kiwi has undertaken the responsibility of developing a blockchain b...

Why Isn’t India Able To Retain Blockchain Developers?

Jul 23, 2018
India has always been a bright hub in terms of technological academia, which later contributes to being the efficient workforce of powerful enterprises and IT companies that move the world. Esteemed institutes and hardcore persistence combine to produce a league of professionals who act as the fuel cells o...

ConsenSys Aims To Transform Chinese President’s Dream City Through Blockchain

Jul 23, 2018
In another news about China taking advantage of the technology behind alt-coins while banning the digital currency itself, officials behind the Xiongan New Area have partnered with ConsenSys, a cryptocurrency-based software company for consultation on the use of blockchain. The Xiongan New Area is Chinese ...

Chinese city Nanjing launches $1.5 billion blockchain fund

Jul 23, 2018
Nanjing City, capital of the Jiangsu province in China, has kick-started a blockchain investment fund of 10 billion yuan to help nurture the alt-coin economy and the public blockchain projects in China. In a partnership with Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, a conglomerate of governmental research...
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