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World’s Largest Software Company Using Ethereum To Supply Electricity in Texas

Sep 25, 2018
A blockchain startup, Grid+ is operated by ConsenSys which is the largest blockchain software company in the world currently operated by Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin who has successfully begun supplying electricity to its clients in Texas. With the use of one of a kind hardware gateway system as well a...

Cryptocurrencies Give a Way Out to North Korea from US Sanction

Sep 25, 2018
The political and diplomatic relations, since the Korean war, between North Korea and the United States have been historically unfriendly. Recently, it was reported that North Korea is attempting to evade the US economic sanction with the help of cryptocurrencies. The country is also developing their crypt...

Wal-Mart’s Leafy Green Suppliers have to Implement Blockchain Technology by Next September

Sep 25, 2018
According to a recent press release, world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart is planning to integrate blockchain based tracking system for its leafy green produce suppliers by September 2019. The United State retail giant and its division Sam’s Club are planning to make it mandatory to implement blockchain base...

Smart Blockchain Interoperability Protocol, Laser To See Enhanced Mining Power

Sep 25, 2018
A Blockchain startups company connecting thousands of current blockchains to one another, Laser believes it’s now on course to help near-instant inter-blockchain transactions. Service nodes are the veins of the Laser network which provide its vital services as well as computing functions. Thus, a com...

SBI Remit Partners with BitPesa to Enable Cross-Border Blockchain Transactions

Sep 25, 2018
Japanese money transfer giant, SBI Remit is partnering up with Kenya’s BitPesa to enable nearly half a million customers to send money to Africa using Bitcoin blockchain. This new service will increase the liquidity and transparency for small and medium-sized businesses which are operating between Japan an...

Morgan Creek Capital Management: Cryptocurrencies will Replace Fiat Currency

Sep 24, 2018
According to the American asset management company, Morgan Creek Capital Management in the near future cryptocurrencies will replace the fiat currencies. The asset managers are suggesting investors to start investing in digital assets. The company is providing access to digital assets institutional investo...
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