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By Kapil Gauhar

With constant technological advancements along with faster internet speed, people are conditioned to expect deliverables with a brisk turnaround. From clothes, food, to groceries and apparels, people today receive every item at their doorstep with a quick turnaround time.
Even with such notable progressions due to technology, people often struggle to find the right professionals for a task or job, especially at the right time. Finding experts using a conventional approach comes with many challenges that include slow response time, lengthy waiting time, demographic constraints, lack of flexibility, etc.
Speaking on behalf of the professionals, they no longer want to be stuck in a mundane 9-to-5 job; instead, they are looking to be their own boss, working in a flexible time frame, and earning more. However, they fail to find secure platforms where they can offer their services and get assured returns.
Offering the Right Solution
BlooCYS is a transformational platform that allows individuals to hire professionals for consultancy services from around the world. What sets BlooCYS apart from other freelance platforms is the fact that it provides real time video consultancy, i.e. it cut shorts the waiting time. Users gain access to a variety of experts in a matter of few scrolls and swipes. At the same time, specialists have the opportunity to utilize their skills to earn extra income as freelancers. They are empowered to work from anywhere in the world at any point of time. It is a decentralized platform built within the blockchain domain with an aim to connect customers and experts seamlessly.
Key Features of BlooCYS platform
The platform has identified the challenges of consumers as well as service providers and presented a solution that effectively allows them both to fulfil their respective objectives in the following ways:-

1. Access to Genuine and Verified Professionals

Unverified identities, slow turnaround times, invalidated experience and skills, and complexities in communication are some of the main drawbacks of sourcing authentic professionals. BlooCYS offers an ‘expert place’ network that eliminates the guesswork and helps users find the right person for the job. It encompasses an extensive list of professionals associated with different skills and experience, which allows customers to find genuine experts in no time.

2. Freelance Opportunities

Professionals often look for freelancing jobs for additional income and more flexible hours. However, there is a dearth of reliable freelancing platforms that can provide a secure place for them to work and earn. The decentralized platform of BlooCYS has allowed such professionals to find flexible jobs and earn more in return. The platform also provides a high degree of autonomy, location flexibility, and work-life balance.


3. Real-time Solution to the Customers Demand

Communicating with professionals from a different region or country can turn out to be a difficult task, with personal appointments incorporating long waiting periods and sometimes involving long distance travelling as well. BlooCYS provides a real-time video capability that allows customers to avail consultancy at any time of the day. They can connect to relevant experts from all across the globe in real-time and get answers to all their queries, thus aiding in a quick turnaround time.


4. Fast Transactional and Low Fee

Banking regulations of various countries make it difficult for masses to make payments internationally and transactions often take days to process. Banks also charge high transactional fees, which makes this process ineffective. By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, BlooCYS offers lower transactional and service fees as compared to the conventional methods of banking. The platform also provides a secure, easy, and straightforward way for customers to complete transactions without having to wait for days.
By offering an autonomous economic model, BlooCYS is a revolutionizing decentralized platform for both, the consumers as well as the professionals. It provides a secure ecosystem where consumers can easily find verified skilled professionals from around the globe. Likewise, aspiring professionals can avail freelancing opportunities with quick and easy payments at their behest.

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