What can you buy with bitcoin? 9 ways to spend your cryptocurrency

By Evie Harrison


Bitcoin is making headlines around the world today. It has been all over the cryptocurrency market. No other digital currency seems to give it a fierce competition. 

It took a bit of time before large brands started accepting bitcoins. But once the ice was broken, all the leading industries could not resist accepting bitcoins. That’s why if you own bitcoins today, you can buy pretty much everything online. Do you have bitcoins in the tank? Here is how you can conveniently spend them:

1- Charity 

Millions of dollars are spent regularly on charity. If you also want to contribute something, you can utilize cryptocurrency for that. CNBC reported that people donated 22 million dollars through bitcoin in 2017 alone. 

Sean’s Outpost is responsible for providing a meal to the homeless people in Florida. A vast proportion of its charity comes through crypto. The Water Project and RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) are among other trustworthy charities that also accept funding via bitcoin.   

2- Gift cards 

Want to buy gift cards for the loved ones? Welcome to the ever-evolving world of crypto. Sending cards is one of those gestures which stays with the receiver for a long time.

Well, eGifter.com allows you to buy gift cards by using bitcoin. To top it off, it lets you choose the card of your liking from more than 250 plus brands. Uber, Macy’s, Target, Lowe’s, and iTunes are some of the reputable brands that eGifter offers you. 

There are so many brands that don’t directly accept bitcoin. eGiffter is a sort of proxy way to buy gift cards from them. Gyft.com is another famous gift card platform that gives you access to choose your cards from more than 200 retailers. It is one of the trendsetter websites when it comes to accepting bitcoins.   

3- Home decoration

Overstock.com commenced accepting bitcoins in January 2014. Including bitcoin, it is one of those big names that showed acceptance towards various cryptocurrencies early in the piece.

From a dining table to fresh bedding, toys to laptops, you can buy anything you want on Overstock through bitcoins and other digital currencies like Monero, Dash, Litecoin, etc. We can’t name many brands that have served the crypto community as well as Overstock. When many companies are accepting bitcoin as a marketing gimmick, Overstock is likely to stick to it for a long time. 

You can also visit GhostBed.com for mattresses. They are open to accepting bitcoin.  

4- IT services 

Microsoft is credited as one of the early acceptors of bitcoin in the year 2014. There is a slight confusion about whether it still recognizes bitcoin or not? Well, it does. In 2018 the company turned its back to the cryptocurrency but only for a brief period.   

A giant like Dell also comes up with bitcoin as a payment option. You can buy hardware stuff like computers and laptops and do your transaction in bitcoin. NewEgg.com, a renowned and trustworthy American retailer for computer hardware and customer electronics, also offers transaction through bitcoin. 

Apart from this, various platforms allow domain names, such as Namecheap.com, and web hosting in return for bitcoins. Many VPN providers have been accepting bitcoin too. CloakVPN, VikingVPN, AirVPN and TorGuard, these are some well-known names accepting digital wallet. 

Since bitcoin is a cyber thing, one should not be surprised to see its broader scope in the field of IT. 

5- Cars 

Not many people would have thought that one day, they could buy a car for sale through cryptocurrency. World-famous Bonhams car auctions accepted bitcoin in 2018. Auctioneers were forced to take this step because cryptocurrency makes the process of auction very fast. 

Dollars and other currencies prolong the auction to weeks, and sometimes it takes a month before a deal is closed. On the other hand, cryptocurrency like bitcoin doesn’t take more than a few minutes for the same process. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, you can buy all sorts of luxurious cars using cryptocurrency. 

Nexus Rewards is one of the popular names in the cryptocurrency marketplace. It provides rewards for its shoppers, merchents and community.

6- Travel industry

If you are traveling, you would know that carrying tangible money during vacation is such a headache. You would be more concerned about the security of your money than enjoying your holiday. Cryptocurrency would free you from this hazard to some extent because you can book tickets using your digital wallet.  

You have plenty of options on the table here. Travel giant Expedia.com takes precedence in this category. Cheapair.com is another popular travel-booking site that accepts bitcoin. 

7- Jewelry and luxury items 

The White Company is a retail store for high-end goods. There are six different categories offered by this store, including art, watches, metal and so on. Whether you want to buy Rolex, a rare piece of sophisticated painting or a fine piece of jewelry, you should check out The White Company right away. You can purchase every single item here via bitcoin.  

Reeds.com is also a recognized name that offers jewelry, watches and loose diamonds through bitcoin. 

8- Food 

Food companies are not lagging far behind as far as accepting bitcoins is concerned. Among the big tycoons, the latest addition is KFC Canada. After KFC falling for bitcoin, many famous food brands are likely to follow suit. 

9- Satellite television and internet service 

When American satellite television and internet service company Dish network officially announced to accept bitcoin, it had more than 14 million subscribers. The company had cited the reason that it wanted to acquire a new customer base. 

At that time, it was one of the biggest companies that had taken this step. Among the subscription-based tv, Dish was the first one to accept cryptocurrency. 

Final thoughts

Looking at the popularity of bitcoin, we can anticipate that many well-known companies will start accepting bitcoins in the future. It’s the matter of when not how. The above list comes up with diverse products you can purchase with the help of bitcoins, but remember there is a lot more, which we have missed out here. Would you like to share your experience about how bitcoins have eased the shopping process for you?

Evie Harrison

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