Major Russian Banks highly Interested in working with Crypto local Sources say

In a recent meeting at Moscow Exchange, numerous large Banks of Russia expressed their interest in working with the industry of...
Sep 22, 2018

Ben Horowitz On The Rise of Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

According to the legendary investor and co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Ben Horowitz cryptocurrencies and blockchain is expe...
Sep 17, 2018

Oregonians Keen To See Their State Playing A Leading Role In Blockchain World

Many Oregonians across business, educational and technological fields are keen to see their state playing a leading role in the...
Sep 17, 2018

IBM Joins Decentralised Cross-Blockchain Registry, Announcement

As indicated in an announcement on September 13, IBM has joined a decentralised cross-blockchain registry initiative for blockc...
Sep 14, 2018

5 Things You Should Know About Blockchain

Things we once thought as impossible are a part of our lives. We presently have the tools and technologies to bring about signi...
Sep 8, 2018

Naples’ mayor fights Euro with launch of autonomous cryptocurrency

Countries around the world are adopting cryptocurrencies in order to escape the traditional methods of financial repression or ...
Sep 4, 2018

Things You Can Build on Blockchain other than Cryptocurrencies

We all have heard about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is a payment option while blockchain technolog...
Aug 27, 2018

The Vital Core Of Cryptology In Blockchain

BTC Wires: Man has forever had an obsession with steganography, which is the practice of hiding secret messages in ordinary mes...
Aug 26, 2018

Are Decentralized ID Platforms The Answer To Our Privacy Control?

BTC Wires: Today’s world is constantly plagued about new kinds of security concerns that did not exist even a decade ago....
Aug 25, 2018

Canadian Crypto Exchange To Make Forays Into European Market

BTC Wires: A crypto exchange from all the way in Canada is stepping into the European market to aid businesses to use Ripple-to...
Aug 25, 2018