BlackRock Shows Interest In Crypto and Blockchain; Bitcoin Edges Higher

Word of reports claim BlackRock Inc, the world’s largest ETF provider, might be warming up to cryptocurrencies. This has sparke...
Jul 17, 2018

Crypto Market’s Valuation Increased By $8 Billion

In other news, the crypto market had a boost of $8 billion in less than 24 hours with BCH and Ether being the prominent gainers...
Jul 16, 2018

Bitcoin Hash Rates Rising Even When Its Value Is Decreasing

In spite of the early 2018 fall in the value of Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency’s hash rate continues to grow at an exponential...
Jul 15, 2018

How secure are Tokenized Securities from Delaware Blockchain Amendments?

Last year saw a lot of blockchain entrepreneurs trying to influence some public blockchains like Ethereum to make registries. T...
Jul 5, 2018

Cardano, Bytecoin, Nem Hit. Steem & Syscoin Trade High

BTC Wires– Coming in hot from the crypto market, it seems that Cardano, ByteCoin and Nem has taken a huge hit. Among thes...
Jul 4, 2018

Bitcoin Falls Below $6000

Re-igniting the fears that the six-month-long sell-off has not exhausted the sellers, Bitcoin prices again fell below $6,000 on...
Jun 29, 2018

Bithumb Partly Recovers From Funds Stolen in Last Week’s Hack

South Korean’s cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb claims to have recovered around $14.25 million stolen from its funds. They have ...
Jun 29, 2018

Crypto Prices Decrease but, Number of Transactions Increase

All the major media outlets have been drawn towards the rapid decline in the prices of cryptocurrencies, with causes being cite...
Jun 26, 2018

Ethereum Drops Below $430, to a 2.5 Month Low

Ethereum is world’s second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. It recently dropped to a 74-day low ...
Jun 25, 2018

Bitcoin Hits the Lowest In 2018

Prices for Bitcoin reached a new low today and plummeted to below $5800, which is a record low for the year. As of 12.00 PM EST...
Jun 25, 2018