A Review of NearPay – The First Prepaid Crypto Card Provider in the NEAR Ecosystem

By Clark

NearPay is a crypto finance protocol following the best practices of digital banking and adapting them for the crypto realm. It is the first member of the NEAR ecosystem issuing physical and virtual cards that enable its users to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat and pay for their everyday purchases. The full list of NearPay’s comprehensive payments solutions includes:

  • Prepaid Visa card
  • NearPay Wallet 
  • NearPay Swap
  • NearPay B2B Widget

Here is what you need to know about these products.

Prepaid Visa card

Nowadays, many crypto platforms provide payment cards to make their services more convenient and efficient while building bridges between crypto and conventional payments. The distinctive feature of NearPay Visa card is its flexibility and low cost. At just 1 EUR/GBP per month and free of charge issuance (for virtual card), you get an all-purpose tool for settling your payments in crypto anywhere Visa is accepted. Basically, it works just like a regular bank card. 

The card is available for residents of the UK and all EEA countries. It comes in two variants: a virtual card issued instantly after registration and a physical card delivered to you to facilitate offline usage. Straightforward interface of NearPay apps enables you to track spending, load/unload the card, and adjust its settings right from a web browser or Android and iOS devices.

With 38 supported cryptocurrencies, NearPay card is a secure and universal means of crypto payments. To get it, you need to make just two steps: register an account and verify it. After it, a virtual version of a card becomes available instantly, so you can use your crypto assets in everyday life hassle-free. 

NearPay Wallet

NearPay Wallet is a one-stop app for storing, sending, and receiving crypto safely and easily. It supports nearly 40 cryptocurrencies with more to be added soon. The coming-soon generous API of up to 15.81% will be offered to all those who want to earn more by setting aside a part of their crypto assets. 

Swapping crypto to fiat and back can be done in a few clicks. For that, you need to load your NearPay account, which can be done in several ways: 

  • Use your Visa or MasterCard bank card (takes about 20 minutes)
  • Make a bank transfer in EUR (via a SEPA account) or GBP
  • Top up your NearPay Visa card with your crypto funds

NearPay Swap

You can buy crypto with fiat in just a few clicks via the NearPay widget. Over 30 crypto and 29 fiat currencies are supported. The interface is simple and straightforward, and that’s not a cliche. It really is. There is just the widget with one action button, so you can enjoy a no-frills service. Buying crypto will take mere several minutes:

  • Select the cryptocurrency you are going to buy and fiat you are going to pay with
  • Enter your wallet address (be accurate to specify the correct wallet that you can access)
  • Pass light KYC (only your email and name are required)
  • Enter details of your Visa or Mastercard 

That’s it. Transactions are processed within 20 minutes on average.

Importantly, the widget offers the best conditions for buying NEAR, a utility token of the NEAR ecosystem, as you pay no network fees. 

NearPay B2B Widget

NearPay Widget can also serve an efficient solution for businesses intending to accept innovative means of payments. NearPay Widget is perhaps the easiest way to connect crypto and fiat realms. Integrating the widget takes just a few lines of code.

Customers can pay you with fiat which will be converted into crypto and sent to your wallet. This payment gateway is an efficient solution for online retailers and service providers. 

Bottom Line

With NearPay, buying, exchanging, storing, and otherwise using crypto is as easy as fiat currencies. To sum up, using an extensive line of NearPay products, you can:

  • Use crypto to pay for goods and services anywhere Visa cards are accepted
  • Swap fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto in a few clicks instantly
  • Buy crypto via a bank card or a bank transfer
  • Withdraw crypto to a bank account
  • Start accepting crypto payments via NearPay Widget (for businesses)

NearPay has skillfully integrated the best features of digital banking with innovative crypto technology to upgrade user experience in managing finances.


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