How To Earn Bitcoins On Your iPhone?

By Prashant Jha

We have already told you all about how to get Bitcoins online for free. Now, most of those ways do apply to both Android-based phones and iPhones. However, there are some specific ways to earn Bitcoins with your iPhone that we will tell you about today. If you are an iOs user who keeps up with crypto updates and would call yourself a crypto enthusiast, you must have wondered at least once if you should just download one of the apps that promise to help you earn Bitcoins, from the app store. So, should you? Let us find out.

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IPhones are known for their robust security features and business-friendly usage. That naturally means that they would be a rather good match for cryptocurrencies and trading on them. Today, we will try to figure out if that compatibility extends to earning Bitcoins as well.

Ways to Earn Bitcoins On Your Iphone

Provided you are already using the browser-based ways of earning Bitcoins online, there are some specific apps on the iOs App Store that can come to your aid in pocketing some easy-to-earn Bitcoins. The following are some of the options.

1. Sweatcoin

This is an app called that is bound to tick a lot of boxes for iPhone users. It motivates you to get moving and work out and literally pays you to walk more and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Available on both iOs and Android platforms, this is an excellent app for fitness buffs who are also moving into the crypto space.

Although you do not earn a great deal of money using it, you do earn something and that is more than enough to incentivize the health benefits you receive from using it. The Sweatcoin you earn can be converted to Bitcoin easily later.

2. Lawnmower

This is another app that can help you solve a problem you did not know you have, and help you earn some Bitcoins in the process.

Can you even count all those times your bill stood at something like $12.83? What did you do with that tiny bit of loose change? Forfeit it, right?

With Lawnmower, you no longer have to. Connected to your Coinbase account, Lawnmower, available for iOS users, can help you translate that loose change into crypto, that is easily convertible into Bitcoin. This way you make the most of an amount you did not care about before.

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3. GetGems

This is a messaging app that pays you small amounts of cryptocurrency (once again, quite easily convertible into Bitcoin) to text other people and make new users sign up.

While this may sound like nothing but a marketing gimmick, the truth is it helps you earn small amounts of crypto that you would not otherwise have received.

4. Bitcoin Billionaire

This is a game where you simply need to keep tapping the screen to mine and win.

With very little effort on your part, you get a substantial return of crypto which can prove to be incredibly profitable for something that does not require you to do much.

These were some of the more reputed and reliable options to earn Bitcoins on iPhones. While there are countless Bitcoin mining apps on the App Store, there is little way to verify their credibility which is why they did not end up on our list.

Make sure to keep earning to storing them in secure crypto wallets!

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