How To Get Bitcoins Online For Free?

By Rushali Shome

We have already told you about the 10 ways to get free cryptocurrency. Now, as you will see in that article, many of the methods mentioned deal with you receiving free cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin. This is because a lot of these giveaway schemes are meant for promotional purposes and it makes more sense to promote newer coins than the already well-established Bitcoin. So, how do you get Bitcoins online for free?

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Today, we will discuss some basic ways to get Bitcoins for free on the internet. You must bear in mind that these methods will not be very quick or extremely easy. To get something for free, you must be ready to spend some time and energy to make up for the buck you are not spending.

Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online For Free

The following are some of the ways in which you can earn free Bitcoins online.

1. Faucets

Websites known as faucets drop off tiny quantities of Bitcoin to those who visit their site and stay on it for a long enough duration to have viewed posts put out by paying advertisers.

By simply acting as an outlet for their advertisements, you can get a small share of their ad revenue in the form of minuscule Bitcoin payouts. Keep an eye on Reddit threads and updates around crypto blogs to stay updated about new faucets that come up.

2. Watch Videos

Some sites such as ads4btc pays you for simply clicking on ads, watching some videos and visit some websites. This will earn you around 1000 Satoshis (lowest unit of Bitcoin) per click, which can add up to a higher amount.

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3. Complete Tasks

Online, you can even get your hands on some tasks, from promoting to development/analysis work, which will lead you to earn in the form of Bitcoins.

One example of such a site is CoinWorker, where you can perform analytical tasks and draw out significant Bitcoin payouts.

You have to work for it, but you are still not having to shell out a pretty penny for this Bitcoin, so this deal seems to work for a lot of crypto enthusiasts.

4. Answer Questions

You can often earn some Bitcoins by simply answering questions correctly and adequately on forums and chatrooms that deal with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as their discussion topic.

In return, you can often earn some Bitcoins. Bitfortip is one such site that will allow you to reap benefits of your crypto-related knowledge.

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5. Look Out For Deals

Often, you may earn some bonus in the form of Bitcoins simply for shopping on a certain website or signing up for a certain service.

A site called may be helpful in this regard, where you can often get some Bitcoins for simply having made some online purchases.

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