What Is The Future Of Dogecoin?

By Kapil Gauhar

Ever since the creation of Bitcoin, digital currencies have been increasing in numbers, and this has proceeded right up ‘til the present time. Dogecoin is one of them!

DOGE is an interesting coin in several aspects. Since its creation in 2013, the alternative cryptocurrency has been growing by leaps & bounds.

The new year has just begun, and everybody is curious about the future of Dogecoin, aren’t you?

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About Dogecoin

If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, then you may not be familiar with Dogecoin just yet.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Jackson Palmer, back in 2013.

The rumors are true! The cryptocurrency was created out of an internet meme. It began as a suggestion which got an unexpected amount of support, which Palmer used to make it for the fun of it.

Nobody knew that the joke currency would actually achieve this level of success.

What is even more interesting about Dogecoin is that it was fun and light, where all the other cryptocurrencies were a part of serious campaign, striving to stay alive in this domain.

Sooner it became an interesting cryptocurrency that was cheap to buy, easy to use, and everyone wanted to have it.

It was not too long for the cryptocurrency, when the community quickly found a new approach to use DOGE for tipping purposes.

Even though, crypto world has been undergoing a pretty passive period lately, Dogecoin is still out there, refusing to surrender.

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The Future Of Dogecoin

What first started as a Joke Currency is NOT A JOKE anymore! People are actually investing in and mining Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is anything but a deflationary coin since its supply is uncapped when it reaches the declining yearly inflation rate which is about 5.256%. Now, that means it will keep a steady pace and remain stable.

If the price will be stable, then more and more people will be encouraged to invest in Dogecoin and trade Dogecoin. Besides keeping it in high hopes, the cryptocurrency will grow forever.

DOGE has a very low transaction fee as miners always get rewarded. This encourages them even more on keeping the network secure and processing the transactions with no delays.


With the above stated facts, it is evident that Dogecoin has a pretty good shot at being used in retail transactions.

That said, Dogecoin does have a strong community of parochial supporters working wonderfully to keep the coin alive and will not let the coin die.

On the one hand, Dogecoin’s popularity for use in social media tipping and other micropayments is a significant advantage of the cryptocurrency, while its widespread availability as well as emphasis on simplicity is what makes it easily accessible to the masses, on the other.

Besides the facts that it offers fast transactions and nominal transaction fees, it is clear that Dogecoin is a practical cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Sure, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will continue to be leaders in the crypto world, but Dogecoin too has a good shot at becoming a new Digital Dollar.

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