The client turned investor tale!

By Rajat Gaur

Blockchain is definitely an integral field where a lot of new things happen on a daily basis. This means that with an overall development in the methodologies of blockchain it is really important to know the fact that there are a lot of definite strategies that one has to implement to make sure that they survive in the field. Now the biggest input for the Blockchain field to grow is the addition of an investor to fund all the activities of the company especially when you are a crypto related company, it is very important to understand the fact that the more the number of investors the more the credibility of your company increases. The increased credibility definitely has an influence in the ways it affects the overall trade value of the company. 

What is with BlockFi?

BlockFi, one of the most developmental companies in the crypto field have a huge stake in the crypto business as they are a very much a potential company who are pretty much with a decent performance index and ratio. There are a lot of things that companies do to improve their conditions and one of the primary ones is the involvement of investors.

Investors definitely have an upper hand in developing the technology development of the company and this means that with more investments the company will be able to do a lot of things and strategically plan their growth. The problem is that most of the companies find it hard to retain their investors over a period of time.

Why with Three Arrows Capital? 

Blockfi had a successful $30 million series B funding onboarded three arrows capital as a part of their investors team. Now the best part is that three arrows were a client of Blockfi before all this and this means that it will be almost easy for Blockfi to retain them as investors. 

Now when three arrows capital were asked of their reason for their investment, they said that they found the operations and aims of blockfi similar to theirs and they felt that with this they can put Blockfi on the trajectory. Anyhow the team of Blockfi have major plans to expand business this year and that also involves a lot of definite stuff and placements to ensure that the growth of their business is stable and so are their investors.

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