How To Earn Bitcoins Fast?

By Kapil Gauhar

Before diving into the fast methods of earning bitcoins, it’s important to clear the view about, “Why Bitcoin?”

Bitcoin is a virtual currency founded in 2009 by an anonymous individual or a group of people only referred to as Satoshi Nakamoto to offer a platform for the decentralized payment system.

The advantages you can expect from owning bitcoin include,

  1. Bitcoins have a great potential for growth to deliver higher ROI in the near future.
  2. The digital currency allows you to save funds anonymously without worrying about the 3rd party seizures.
  3. Owning bitcoins makes you a part of the network owner, and you will be called to vote for the critical decision in the network.
  4. It presents you a cheaper and faster way of sending value across the world.

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The Best/Fast Methods To Make Bitcoins

Work for Pay with Bitcoin

Working to earn Bitcoin is one of the easiest and legit ways to earn this digital currency. It makes no difference whether you are an online marketer, singer, engineer, or designer, you can identify websites which allow people to work for bitcoins.

Here are a few sites which pay in Bitcoin –

  • Coinality
  • Angle.Co
  • 21.CO
  • XBTFreelancer

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are there to help promote products for a commission. In this scene, you work for the businesses which pay the commission in Bitcoin.

The secret to getting more from promoting bitcoins affiliate programs is to become a leader in your niche so that you may command authority and large traffic.

Being an expert or leader in your niche, followers will make recommendations for the products you review for converting them. Thereafter, the commission is paid in bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoins from Interest Payments

If you already have some bitcoins, you can lend them out for a profit to make more coins. The easiest way of earning BTCs using this method is lending them to a person you know better. Following are the two methods of earning BTCs from interest payments –

  • P2P Bitcoin Lending: There are websites like Bitbond which offer borrowers with an additional method of borrowing. At the time of lending to the others on P2P sites, it’s recommended to deal with many borrowers as a method of spreading the risk.
  • Bitcoin Banking: This method is a lending model where those who own bitcoin deposit their coins and earn interest over time. The funds you deposit in your bank are lent to the borrowers who repay with interest.

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The Final Take

While there are several methods that you can use to earn Bitcoins quickly, it’s important to know that each method comes with unique risks. The most important thing is to make sure that you comprehend the chosen method and take all the precautions to avoid getting scammed.

Although experts recommend trading as the best approach on how to earn Bitcoin fast, yet it is advisable to start by practising with some coins before trading with a lot of funds.

Also, you need to be prepared for other costs like withdrawal charges and trading fees which will define the amount you can make from trading bitcoin. Do you know what are the top 10 bitcoin trading tips?

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