Jarvis – Bringing Decentralization to Mass Adoption

By Mallika jain

Jarvis is a financial hub which bridges, connects to and makes interoperable multiple traditional and digital, centralized and decentralized financial services, products and markets, existing and upcoming, to make them accessible from a single account. Users can manage their assets, access fiat currencies, crypto, commodities and stocks trading, and DApps from multiple blockchains. Assets can be utilized as a medium of exchange, payment, or as collateral, and can be lent or borrowed.

Problems solved

Users funds and data are scattered among dozens of applications that require separated accounts.
Jarvis enables everyone to manage all their financial life and leverage from multiple opportunities with a unique login. Users can access multiple centralized and decentralized financial services, products and markets from a single deposit.

Blockchain applications are full of non-familiar processes, preventing mass adoption.
Jarvis is designed to deliver the value of decentralization without its complexity. From human-readable address, to easy key management system, users will not have to worry about storing their keys or paying the gas and will enjoy similar to centralized application experience.

Centralized applications suffer from hacks and data-leaks
Jarvis is decentralized and will never have access to users funds and data.

Technology framework

The building block of Jarvis is a Web3 wallet, which connects to a hybrid exchange and to several partners’ applications through open APIs and decentralized protocols.

  • The wallet stores users identity and allows to manage funds (pay, send, save, etc.) by leveraging from state channels and advanced escrow functions;
  • the exchange provides a fiat gateway, multi-assets exchange, and exposure to multiple financial markets;
  • the applications give access to thousands of financial services and products.


Jarvis is building a mobile, web and desktop applications with a smartphone-like workflow: after depositing fiat or crypto, users can immediately browse a list of everyday-growing in-house or third party apps and dapps – DEX, lending, games etc. Jarvis will build its own suit of dapps starting with “Jarvis.trader”, an application to trade Forex, commodities, stocks and leveraged cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner.

Jarvis is developing two main applications:

  • mobile application is built like a cash-wallet and put the emphasis on daily finances like payment with fiat or crypto, access to instant credit, saving account etc.
  • desktop and web applications are built like a trading platform and are more focused on the trading and analysis aspect with social trading tools.
  • Both are synchronized and interoperable: the mobile one can be used as a pad to control the desktop and web apps, to sign transaction or to connect to Dapp.

Additional products such as hardware wallet and payment card are planned to be released too.

AI powered navigation

Jarvis embed an AI (hence Jarvis) easing navigation: applications, features and data are indexed in Jarvis so users can reach them or ask anything using a smart search bar with voice command. Users just need to write or say what they want, from opening a EURUSD H4 chart to send money to a contact or get any data.

Jarvis Reward Token

Jarvis is a token-less application, but has implemented a token (JRT) to reward users, partners and developers who contribute the most to the company growth every month. The JRT grants access to the DAO, which organizes campaigns to foster user acquisition. As a partner, the DAO receives 25% of the ecosystem’s revenue  (exchange, brokerage, fiat and payment gateway, partnerships) and shares it between JRT holders.

  • 1% of the revenue are shared among private sale participants
  • 14% are shared among private and public sale participants
  • 10% are shared between private and public sale participants and with the other token holders

The possibilities are limitless

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