Blockchain to back authentication services

By Rajat Gaur

There is a huge crisis that is jeopardising the whole world on its knees, the novel coronavirus. The virus is critically looking forward to claiming a lot of lives and this means that the world has to come up with more and more critical measures to make sure that they contain the spread. So most of the nations have come with the lockdown measure to make sure that the spread does not go beyond control. It is having an effect in its own ways, but the biggest priority lies in making sure that people who are working the extra mile to contain the virus are protected from the virus. 

What is in demand?

We all know the popularity of the N95 masks that are involved in making sure that the virus is not inhaled into the system via the common entry points. But with the virus having a presence almost in every part of the world, it is really toughening to see the fact that the availability of N 95 masks are going down as we speak. With the majority of the production facilities closing down there are way less more factories that are producing N95 masks. To make sure that the demand is met, China has come up with an interesting proposal to export K95 masks to the needful countries to help with the suppression.

Now with this news on the media, many of the speculations is that there is a high possibility that the virus can spread on a drastic scale when it is evident that China was ground zero for the virus to spread. But there is no other way to combat the shortage of the maks and that is where Blockchain based technology is going to step in. 

How are they going to implement it?

So according to sources, the flow graph is that China starts producing the masks from legally verified and approved facilities and all the data regarding the same must be fed to the database. Once the database integration is done, it is evident that the product must be authenticated so that it can be shipped and the authentication service is going to run with the help of blockchain technology. The reason to go with Blockchain is simple. The network is pretty definite and strong to perform hacks on and even if someone were trying to breach the same, it would take nearly days to get a hand on the system. 

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