Google and Apple to contribute to develop Blockchain based tech!

By Rajat Gaur

The Global pandemic, the novel coronavirus has been spreading at a much alarming rate than usual and most of the spread is through individuals coming into contact with the infected. Now when it comes to spreading via contact it becomes near to impossible to trackdown all the places that the person who has been infected has been. There have been reports where there are a lot of people who are not able to trace what exactly happened and this means that with an overall period of time, it becomes highly impossible to localise the spread. Now that we know where the problem is, it is equally important to understand how to contemplate and come up with a way to get to know the spread.

How is Blockchain technology going to help?

Now when it comes to the implementation of the technology used by Blockchain. It has a powerful algorithm response within which one can develop a software that will track all the developments in regard to continuous tracking. Now there are a lot of existential devices and softwares that are present with the same technology but serving different other domains. But with the menace of not being able to track the spread of the virus, it is very important to fabricate a software to do the same and that is where blockchain based technology is going to come into play. 

What is the role of Apple and Google in this?

Now when it comes to the role of a software that would need some continuous processing, the only technology that can overtake the same is the implementation of the blockchain technology to it. The software will be able to tag the exact places where the infected person has gone to with the help of the software. Now there is a problem. To develop such a software with some heavy usage of Blockchain based technology it is almost near to impossible for a small company to find the resources to run the background processing of the software. 

Google and Apple knowing that they can support such system backup have agreed to find a way to get the software up and running. With a lot of developments with regard to the same, it will be almost possible to develop a software and once the software becomes live via applications it will be easy to understand the spread of the virus.

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