‘ Scammers dream’ — Yuga’s transaction model for Bitcoin NFTs sees criticism

By Clark

Yuga Labs ’ first Bitcoin NFT collection saw some counterreaction from the crypto community over the weekend, pointing to excesses in how it conducts the transaction.

Nonfungible commemorative( NFT) company Yuga Labs faces review from the cryptocurrency community, including the creator of Bitcoin Ordinals, over how it plans to auction its new Bitcoin NFT collection.

On March 5, Yuga opened flings for its “ TwelveFold ” collection, which will see 300 NFT- suchlike images inscribed on satoshis using the Bitcoin-native Ordinals protocol, with 288 from the collection transferred to the loftiest 288 stab.

According to a March 5 press release, those sharing in the bidding process must shoot their entire shot quantum in Bitcoin

BTC tickers down$22 ,382 to a unique BTC address controlled by Yuga. Winners would simply pay up the BTC they bid, while Yuga said it would return BTC to those unprofitable in placing a top shot.

However, such a plan has earned the wrath of some within the crypto community, with some pointing out that having to conduct refunds for unprofitable flings manually is like the “ gravestone age”. ”

The stoner behind an Ordinals- concentrated Twitter account “ ordinally ” called the transaction model a “ scammers dream, ” adding while they misdoubt Yuga would keep the BTC from failed flings, the way it carries out the transaction sets a “ REALLY bad priority. ”

The post indeed saw a response from Bitcoin Ordinals creator, Casey Rodarmor, who hotly counted in on the discussion, telling Yuga to “ get fucked ” and calling the conduct of the transaction “ degenerate bullshit. ”

He added if Yuga were to conduct an analogous transaction he’d encourage others to swap the design.

Other druggies refocused on the failings of the transaction system, saying it’s possible some could overpay for a TwelveFold due to an implicit significant price distinction between the loftiest and smallest flings in the top 288.

Despite the review from some, numerous were happy to see a large design similar to Yuga which rose to elevation due to multiple Ethereum- grounded NFT collections — ground across to Bitcoin.

Ordinally, who blamed the collection, later twittered appreciation of “ the fact that Yuga took the trouble to essay( to) go a Bitcoin route when setting up this transaction. ”

An Ordinals- grounded collection, Ordinal Pizza OG, expressed excitement at Yuga’s BTC collection and called it a “ massive net positive for Ordinals. ”

The exams were n’t enough to stop the cash- stab from wanting to try to cement a top spot to nab Yuga’s first BTC collection.

At the time of jotting, the top shot was 1.11 BTC( around$25,000), according to the TwelveFold website with the smallest shot registered showing as 0.011 BTC, or around$ 250.


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