Philippine regulator tells Axie eternity players they have to pay tax on financial gain from game

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The Philippine government is still to see whether or not Axie’s in-game NFTs ought to be classified as securities or currency.

Amid the big success of crypto-powered game Axie eternity within the Philippines, the government department of Finance has made clear that it desires a cut of profits generated by enjoying Axie and alternative play-to-earn games.

An August 23 report from Inquirer cites Philippine Finance Undersecretary Antonette Tionko as informative that any profits gleaned through play-to-earn games are subject to taxation.

“Cryptocurrency is an asset, thus it’s already nonexempt within the Philippines […] whoever earns currency from it, it’s financial gain you must report it,” she said.

While the official declared that that play-to-earn gains “are subject to taxation,” Tionko conceded that lawmakers are nevertheless to classify whether or not Axie’s in-game NFTs or native tokens Smooth Love Potion  (SLP) and Axie eternity Shards (AXS) are deemed to be securities or currencies.

She more that the matter ought to be determined by the local central bank and Securities and Exchange Commission:

“Is it security? Is it a currency? Thus those are  the things which will facilitate us define the foundations on however it ought to be taxed. however in spite of how it’s characterised, it’s taxable — subject to taxation.”

While each the SLP and AXS tokens are attained through enjoying Axie eternity, SLP functions as an in-game currency whereas AXS is the governance token of the Axie community.

Play-to-earn vice exploded in quality across the Philippines amid the pandemic, with the billowing worth of crypto assets that means that natives may generate an honest financial gain akin to local wages by enjoying Axie eternity.

Tionko also highlighted that Sky Mavis, the Vietnamese game studio that developed Axie eternity, isn’t registered with the Philippine Bureau of Revenue despite generating financial gain from sources based mostly in the Philippines.

“That is one of the things that we tend to hopefully capture once we’ve that system of registration for non-residents, those forms of corporations not within the Philippines.”

The news sparked merchandising within the SLP markets, with the token blinking by the maximum amount as  15% on Aug 24 before closing the day at an almost 7% draw-down.

SLP has made a rollercoaster performance over recent months, suddenly rocketing by over 900% from $0.035 on April twenty six to prime out at a record high of on top of $0.36 on May 2, consistent with CoinGecko.

Since then, SLP has violently oscillated between roughly $0.13 and $0.35, with the markets presently down 60% from July’s native top.


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