Boxer Manny Pacquiao To Promote His Own Token At An Upcoming Blockchain Event

By Prashant Jha

The slowly forging link between the worlds of crypto and sports is about to get stronger as legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao is now planning to promote his new crypto token at an upcoming event. It’s been a while since he began to take interest in cryptocurrencies and he has come up with a new virtual token known as the Pac Coin. He will be attending the Blockchain Fair Asia, to be held in Manila, Philippines, or promoting the coin.

The boxing superstar is from Philippines himself and the conducive regulatory environment of the country’s government towards cryptocurrencies has prompted the boxer to take the decision to launch and promote a token here. Compared to many other countries in its vicinity, the government of Philippines has always taken a positive approach towards the crypto industry in general. As for Pacquiao, he is more than just a boxer who has made his country proud in the international forum. In addition to being a great sportsperson, Pacquiao is also a member of the Filipino Senate. Before this, till the year 2016, he had been serving as member of the Philippines House of Representatives.

The PAC Coin has found patronage and support in the Global Crypto Offering Exchange, which is popularly known as GCOX. Pacquiao himself had also invested in this company and it is a platform primarily meant for celebrities to build on their popularity and fame by creating their own tokens. GCOX also lists and makes it possible to trade with the tokens created by celebrities to tokenize their fame. Like Pacquiao, former English footballer Michael Owen has also extended support to this platform, as have a number of other known names and celebrities.

The GCOX platform itself has a native token known as Acclaim and offers several social platforms to promote tokens and address tokenizing needs of celebrities, such as Celeb-Charity, Celebreneur and Celeb-Connect.

Prashant Jha

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