Bill Presented in Brazil Seeks to incorporate Crypto as Approved Means of Payment

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A new bill bestowed in Brazil is to introduce bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies as an approval suggests that of payment within the country. The bill, bestowed by Federal Deputy Paulo Martins, proposes to amend already existing rules to incorporate many inclinations that will permit cryptocurrency payments and investments to be formally supported.

New Bill Proposes to legalize Crypto for Payments in Brazil

Brazil is one amongst the countries in Latam that has been creating advancements once it involves cryptocurrency regulation within the last year. Now, a brand new bill has been planned within the Brazilian Congress that seeks to introduce bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies as a supporter suggests that of payment. The bill, that was bestowed by Federal Deputy Paulo Martins, proposes to achieve this goal by neutering already existing Brazilian laws, as well as the civil procedure code, introducing some definitions and changes.

If approved, the bill would introduce disposition XIV in article 835 of the Civil Procedure Code, that reads:

Crypto assets, understood as digital representations of import that, not being currency, have their own unit of measure, traded electronically through the use of cryptography and at intervals the scope of distributed ledger technologies, used as a monetary quality, suggests that of exchange or payment, an instrument of access to goods and services or investment.

Crypto Collection by Courts

The bill would conjointly introduce the choice of grouping and paying debts with crypto via the courts, shaping expressly the steps that has got to be taken to use this technical school. 1st and foremost, the bill safeguards the non-public keys of the users, informative that the courts won’t have access to those in any case. To cancel a debt with cryptocurrencies, somebody would have to deposit the specified cryptocurrencies to the pocketbook of the precise court.

In the case of a debt assortment, the courts can coordinate with intermediaries which will then proceed to dam the crypto assets of the debtors to confirm they fulfill their obligations. However, the bill doesn’t outline procedures within the case that there aren’t any intermediaries holding the funds, which means that the assets are in an exceedingly self-custody pocketbook.

This is a part of the efforts of national regulators to ascertain clear norms for the use of crypto on Brazilian soil. Another cryptocurrency bill has already been mentioned and approved by the Brazilian Senate and is anticipated to be approved by the deputy chamber of the congress within the coming months.


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