‘Big Short’ capitalist Michael Burry Doubts SEC Has Resources or I.Q. to research Crypto Listings on Coinbase Correctly

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Hedge fund manager Michael bristly, far-famed for statementing the 2008 monetary crisis, believes that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) neither has the resources nor the I.Q. points required to properly investigate crypto listings on Coinbase.

Michael Burry on SEC Investing Crypto Listings on Coinbase

Famous capitalist and founding father of investment company descendant plus Management, Michael bristly, in short commented on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) work crypto exchange Coinbase Tuesday.

He is best acknowledged for being the primary capitalist to foresee and take advantage of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010. he’s profiled in “The massive Short,” a book by Michael Lewis regarding the mortgage crisis, that was created into a motion picture major Christian Bale.

Commenting on a Bloomberg article titled “Coinbase Faces SEC Probe on Crypto Listings,” bristly tweeted:

“Pretty positive the SEC doesn’t have the resources or the I.Q. points to try to do this properly.”

Bloomberg printed the news of the SEC work Coinbase Monday night, simply days when the securities watchdog abused a former product manager of the exchange with trading charges, naming 9 crypto tokens as securities within the method.

Coinbase now controversial the SEC’s allegation that it listed crypto securities. Paul Grewal, chief legal officer at the Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange, tweeted Monday:

I’m happy to mention it again and again: we are confident that our rigorous diligence method — a method the SEC has already reviewed — keeps securities off our platform, and that we look forward to engaging with the SEC on the matter.

Burry doesn’t give any view on cryptocurrency usually. In Nov last year, he confirmed that he had ne’er shorted any cryptocurrency. In October, he said: “I believe that cryptocurrencies are in a bubble.”


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