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Block-O-Pedia Rushali Shome 601

A Beginner’s Guide To Security Token

Of all the jargon that crypto world throws at you daily, one might be the term “security…

Block-O-Pedia Kapil Gauhar 162

ICOs May Face a Two-Fold Regulatory Reckoning

The initial coin offering (ICO) market finds itself in some troubled waters as it could soon face…

Block-O-Pedia Kapil Gauhar 188

Ethereum and Bitcoin not Securities, says SEC

The SEC’s go to person on cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings lashed out a rather perplexed statement…

C-Buzz Ravindra Chagetha 129

SEC Not Changing Securities Rules to Accommodate ICOs

Jay Clayton, the SEC Chief, refuses to amend the regulatory frameworks for initial coin offerings (ICO). The…