MEDIPEDIA: A Promising Blockchain Based Healthcare Initiative:

By Sumedha Bose

BTC Wires: This comes as no surprise that like several other sectors, blockchain has built deep inroads into the healthcare sector. The infusion of this revolutionary technology in this essential sector has revamped the entire status quo to give way to a more refined model. On that note,Medipedia, a brand new venture on the market, promises to deliver a blockchain based platform that would effectively eliminate major concerns that plague the current healthcare system, bringing in place a developed system to meet the ideal requirements of medical consumers, health care providers and external participants alike.

With the publication of the platform’s white paper in June 2018, their vision to bring about a revolution in the medical tourism sector is clear to consumers. Globally, medical tourism is expected to grow 18.8% annually by 2021 and reach USD $ 4.66 billion, which is why there is a greater need for a transparent and fair platform like Medipedia, to ensure equal access to healthcare for all. The current situation is grim with a number of concerns arising in the industry. Increasing expenses of healthcare, lack of credible medical personnel and institutions, exorbitant rates charged by agents to connect you to a medical professional, difficulty in procuring appointments are just to name a few of these concerns.

What Medipedia aims to do, is to make this ecosystem the be all and end all of every requirement that one could possibly have in terms of healthcare. Their mission statement reads as “To improve the accessibility and quality of medical services and to achieve decentralization of medical tourism services, which are appropriate to the needs and health conditions of medical consumers.” By building a decentralized and transparent model where everyone is on par and can freely exchange information, they plan to ensure that access to quality healthcare is guaranteed to all parties. Verification of licensed medical professionals, a secure platform to exchange sensitive information, tourist agency verification are few of the many things that Medipedia will bring to the table.

With the use of blockchain, Medipedia can ensure a secure, transparent and interoperable space for all its consumers. The platform will provide services like medical consultation, medical service matching, access to social media and blogs of medical professionals, bilateral review system for medical staff and consumers alike, insurance, P2P verified information exchange etc.

The Initial Coin Offering of the platform is scheduled for October 2018 and the final software is all set to release next year.  
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