Top 5 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

By Sumedha Bose

BTC Wires: The world of digital currency is moving fast. Over the past years, Bitcoin outperformed any other investments like gold, the stock market or land. Over the previous years, a plethora of new digital currencies has entered the market. Majority of them are duplicate or just have a couple of features that make them extraordinary.

Just a bunch of those cryptocurrencies are real. The fake ones upset their industry as bitcoin did with the financial sector.  The top 5 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018, which can give higher returns are discussed in this article:


Ripple is on to great things. The individuals who have invested in the start of 2017 are surely cheerful with their RoI right now, yet, this is not where it ends. Ripple is still the best cryptographic money to invest resources in. It will be foolish to dispose off Ripple because of its low value right now. This low cost will be tempting to long-term investors.

When one considers the fact that Ripple has an entire market capitalization of about $35 bln, they realize that it has a great deal of potential.  Not only are the transactions secured using Blockchain technology, but they are also completed in record time, beating Ethereum in its game.

A portion of the biggest financial organizations in the world make utilization of Ripple for their business. JP Morgan, American Express, China LianLian International, and even the Saudi Arabia Central Bank all utilize Ripple technology.


One can’t think of the best cryptocurrency to invest in without mentioning Bitcoin. Even though the cost has plunged in recent times, it has managed anyhow to stay at the top within the crypto world.

Many people are of the opinion that the first remains the best and this will cause Bitcoin to stay relevant for a long time. Other people who are not excited about Bitcoin will simply go ahead and defame the currency. One will require high sponsorship or backing in the form of funds with a specific end goal to appreciate any considerable gain when they trade Bitcoins.

3. Litecoin(LTC):

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin observed growth from $4 to $358 in 2017. Similarly, 2018 saw it crash by nearly $100, but the coin persists. One reason for its worldwide adoption is that Litecoin always betters the innovation of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin completes a transaction in 10 minutes, Litecoin will do it in two minutes, 30 seconds. The cap of Bitcoin is settled at 21 mln, Litecoin has its maximum 84 mln. They have additionally progressed onto more noteworthy achievements. In 2017, this currency completed a Lightning Network transaction, transacting a small amount of a Litecoin in one second.

4. Ethereum

In 2017 alone, the cost of Ethereum rose by very nearly 3,000 percent, a move which saw it become firmly entrenched as one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Towards the end of 2017, the cost of ETH hovered around $720, and the market capitalization was put at $70 bln. Currently, it has relatively multiplied in cost, and the market capitalization saw a gigantic increase.

5. Zcash:

Zcash (ZEC) is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency built with an emphasis on protection and anonymity. Utilizing a type of zero-information cryptography known as zk-SNARKS, Zcash is intended to conduct completely anonymous transactions. Privacy is undoubtedly an essential element for some cryptographic money clients, and Zcash offers a large group of helpful features for any individual who needs to remain unknown.

Right now, ZCash has 21 mln coins available for use and each transaction made is distributed on a public Blockchain. Aside from this, it is possible to enjoy a level of anonymity when one caries out a transaction on Zcash. In fact, investing resources into digital currency has been made simple with ZCash as it gives one a detailed report of the different transactions one have carried out.


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