Who Are the Best Performing Binary Options Traders?

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The financial ecosystem has a number of avenues for investors and more specifically traders to make money, one of them is through short-term trading as offered on platforms like TurboXBT which gives its users instant payouts at all times. 

Despite the strides of TurboXBT and its short-term trading offerings to the trading public, there are other legacy financial assets such as Binary Options that are still being considered by most traders today. Binary Options comes off as a seemingly simple trading model, but one that can be replete with so many risks for the average trader. 

Binary Trading is quite illegal in many countries as most regulators consider it to be too risky for the investing public. In practice, Binary trading involves speculating on the price of an asset at a later time with one of two outcomes possibly predicated upon either a Yes or a No. Trading Binary Options comes with a very steep learning curve, one that typically gets complicated for new users who just dive into the space as though it were a gamble.

Often times, platforms that offer Binary Options can do little in explaining the risks involved, and the lack of upfront transparency remains one of the serious red flags of the Binary Options trading venture. While the space has seen a number of successful traders, the number is quite few such that one cannot recommend it for mainstream adoption as it relates to profitability.

The Difference Short-Term Contracts Presents: TurboXBT as Reference

With short term contracts, users tend to trade in more defined territories, with defined expectations in terms of risks and potential profitability. While trading short-term contracts on TurboXBT, Here are some additional benefits users stands to gain;

  • Simplicity and Transparency

This is arguably one of the core features of the TurboXBT platform as users benefit from its simplicity in design, registration and other key operational aspects.

  • Availability of a wide range of assets supported

TurboXBT gives users an ample opportunity to trade a wide range of assets across various industries. 

  • Trading with no KYC and no Commission Charges

Unlike most alternative platforms out there, short term trading on TurboXBT comes with no extra burden or personal data exposure through KYC. Users are also freed from extra or hidden commissions

  • Learning Resources

Despite the simplicity and easy understanding of short-term contracts, the platform is integrated with a demo tool for all users to practice.

  • Speed and Stability

TurboXBT is arguably one of the fastest and safest venues to trade short-term contracts. 

Simplicity and Transparency

There is hardly any financial trading option that is not risky. What is however different is how upfront the host platform is about these risks to users. TurboXBT is not guilty of this as the risk/reward as defined by market forces is often communicated to traders and the platform users in advance. TurboXBT is designed as a simple to use platform, and from registration to placing the first trades are self-explanatory. The idea here is that an easy to understand trading ecosystem will even be less risky when compared to those with a series of complicated algorithms and operations.

Availability of a wide range of assets supported

Being a fast growing platform, TurboXBT made its platform a home for a wide variety of traders with its diverse assets. The platform hosts 17 different synthetic assets (virtual assets that track the exact price of an underlying real-world asset), across four distinct markets including Indices, Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrencies

These assets are spread to form 38 unique trading pairs, each bearing its own unique payout rates. This feature notably eliminates the speculations associated with winnings on short term trading on TurboXBT. This also notably complements the transparency drive of the platform as a whole.

Trading with no KYC and no Commission Charges

The financial world is already a target due to the enormous data that many platforms harbor. TurboXBT restores the confidence amongst its users as it requires no KYC documents to process their registration or grant approval to use the platform. This is due to the flexible laws in Seychelles where the exchange is based, and users from countries with defined sanctions or rules guiding digital assets trading are excluded from this no-KYC provision.

Additionally, users utilizing TurboXBT for short term trading do not get to pay commissions on deposits and withdrawals, a move that helps maximize their capital and winnings alike.

Learning Resources

One of the secrets to successful trading is efficient risk management, and this comes through the availability of resources that can make this risk management possible. With TurboXBT, users have the option of practicing their strategies through risk free Demo accounts. While this provision is optional, it is highly recommended for all traders, and is complemented by the tips for successful trading on the TurboXBT blog.

Speed and Stability

Understanding the sensitivity of short-term trading which typically spans 30 seconds to 15 minutes on TurboXBT, slow platform interfaces cannot be risked. As such, TurboXBT created a very fast and stable trading exchange, one that gives users a promising headstart as they kickstart their trading journeys with TurboXBT.

More of Short Term Contracts and Less of Binary Options Trading

The clear differences between Binary Options and short term trading transcends the risks inherent in the former, compared to the latter, and is more focused on the exceptional benefits the TurboXBT platform brings to the short-term trading world.

With commitment to continually developing its platform, and offerings, smart traders will rather pitch tents with short-term contracts trading, than stir the unchartered territories of Binary Options trading.


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