Venmo allows users to automatically purchase crypto with ‘cash back’ rewards

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Paypal-owned payments firm Venmo has enlarged its crypto support by sanctionative credit cardholders to convert their cash back rewards into four digital assets hosted on the platform.

Paypal-owned payments firm Venmo has introduced a brand new crypto ‘cash back’ option that has zero transactions on crypto purchases.

According to an August  10 announcement, Venmo’s “Cash Back to Crypto” service went live yesterday and allows credit card customers to pay their cashback rewards on digital assets hosted on the platform.

Venmo offers its credit cardholders between 1 percent and 3 percent cash back on choose purchases, conjointly the new feature also includes free transactions on any crypto purchases —while conversion fees for swapping between assets are engineered into every monthly transaction statement.

The payments firm presently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash and customers will activate the new feature by choosing the rewards tab of the credit card home screen. Purchases are often done manually or created automatically. Darrell Esch, senior vp and chief of Venmo said:

“The cash Back to Crypto feature for the Venmo Credit Card offers customers a brand new way to begin exploring the globe of crypto, using their cash back attained every month to automatically and seamlessly purchase one among four cryptocurrencies on Venmo.”

Venmo presently has around 70million users within the U.S. and also the platform at the start launched crypto commercialism in late April this year.According to Paypal’s second-quarter earning’s appeals on July 28, Venmo’s revenues have increased by  183% year-over-year and there has been robust adoption of crypto commercialism on the platform.

Paypal has been actively operating to expand its crypto services since it 1st enabled crypto purchases back in November 2020.

On July 15 Cointelegraph reported that the firm accumulated limits of crypto to $100,000 per week. Later within the month throughout the Q2 conference the corporate proclaimed plans to supply crypto commercialism to U.K. customers, whereas conjointly teasing imprecise intentions to enter DeFi.


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