Two-fifths of Aussie millennials think crypto investments tired real estate

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Boomers down under are concerned about volatility, but millennials are satisfying their crypto bags.
Research has exposed that 1 in 5 Australians trust that crypto is important to homeownership as sureness in traditional savings dwindles.
The review, led by cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, originates that a cumulative number of young Australians are flattering disheartened by traditional investment choices. Nearly one-quarter of those surveyed spoken anxiety that the worth of money in traditional cash savings is declining.
The study originates that 22% of the Australians plotted to believe investing in cryptocurrency is a calmer method to save for a mortgage deposit than storage fiat in a bank account or other traditional savings means.
Closely 40% of Millennials — respondents instinctive between the initial 1980s & the mid-to-late-1990s — supposed that crypto assets are a sound other to buying an investment property. Further, 31% of Generation X members — Australians born between the mid-1960s to early 1980s — also trust crypto assets are well investments than real estate, while only 24% of Generation Z respondents — those born between the late 1990s & 2010 — echoed this sentimentality.
Nearly half of the baby boomers surveyed — those born between the mid-1940s & mid-1960s — have not invested in crypto, citing instability anxieties.1 in 5 survey members also currently own or have before owned crypto assets, while 14% stated they now hold an active crypto portfolio. Closely 85% of respondents who previously own crypto assets strategy to buy more.
Jonathon Miller, Kraken Australia Managing Director, commented that while cover behind the U.S. in relations to adoption, Australia is a quickly rising market for crypto assets that is mainly driven by demand from millennials:

‘Australians quite maintain some conservative arrogances toward investment. Property has been a cultural norm & high on the wish list for greatest investors, but as affordability lasts to be an issue, we are sighted more young people look for other choices to produce wealth,’
He added that it is the younger Australians who are altering the lively & imagines the broader market to come around to the impression of investing in digital assets.
‘We are confident that as more investors appearance to expand their portfolios & pursue investment chances outside of the traditional aids we’ll see cryptocurrency come into its individual in APAC.’
Miller also put stress on the need for better crypto education in Australia, & it looks like more is wanted. Last month Cointelegraph stated that more than half of Australians think Elon Musk invented BTC.


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