South Korea Follows India’s Footsteps to Legalizing Crypto Trading

By Kapil Gauhar

Crypto trading is now completely into the legal framework for the South Korean government, as indicated by a local report. To get this result the National Assembly revised the Act on Reporting and Use of Specific Financial Information.

After President Jae-in Moon signs the alteration passed in the nation’s parliament, the sanctioning procedure will start. It will take one year from the date of signing, trailed by a 6-month period.

When the necessary time passes, crypto-related businesses, for example, trades, trusts, exchanges, wallet firms, and token-sales, should follow new principles. Those incorporate having a real-name verification partnership with an endorsed local bank. In this way, when a verified individual is doled out to a solitary financial balance, it forestalls tax evasion when they store or withdraw fiat currency.

Digital currency-related organizations would likewise need to get an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification. The Korea Internet Security Agency gives the accreditation when it inspects each organization to guarantee that it can ensure crucial data assets for itself as well as the users. All cryptocurrency exchanges must go along with a half year of order. Else, they hazard being closed down.

The Korean new bill is coming only one day following India’s Supreme Court lifting the cryptocurrency ban by RBI from 2018.

Blended Feelings

The new bill had conveyed various perspectives among crypto investors in the nation. Some demonstrated that the presentation of the new amendment which is a positive sign since security will build following the new measures. They even alluded to it as “New Coin Age.”

A leading Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Hanbitco’s CEO, Sunga Kim, noted that the new measures would at last benefit the digital currency as most deceitful companies will be eliminated –

“A foundation has been created to wash away the stigma of cryptocurrency exchanges, fraud, and debauchery and establish itself as a transparent and reliable industry. It will lead to the development of the industry with the inflow of new capital.”

Kapil Gauhar

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