Snoop’s $17M NFT assortment, movie sold as NFT, QAnon espouser sells tweets

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NFT collector disclosed to be Snoop Dogg, hybrid NFTs are coming back, associated with a capitalist lost $300,000 in tokens to hackers.

Hip-hop icon Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., additionally called Snoop Dogg, has disclosed himself to be the onymous NFT collector “Cozomo de’ Medici.”

While Snoop has not given any explanation on the far side of a Sept. 21 tweet unveiling his digital identity, Medici’s NFT wallet is priced roughly $17.6 million, per DappRadar.

Snoop’s assortment includes an extended list of NFTs, as well as extremely sought-after CryptoPunks, Meebits and Art Blocks tokens.

Snoop’s CryptoPunks represent most of his portfolio’s price, with the tokens calculable to be priced at $13.19 million. the gathering includes CryptoPunk #3831, that depicts a green alien carrying shades and spectacles that’s calculable to be valued at $5 million

While Snoop’s reveal might comprise clever promotion designed to garner a number of the limelight being shone on the stormy NFT markets, Cozomo’s Twitter account announced a thread 5 minutes before Snoop created the reveal claiming that they’d presently dox themselves mistreatment their personal account.

“As my fame is considerable , the tweet can little question be discovered,” they said.

This isn’t Snoop Dogg’s initial raid the non fungible sector, because the cannabinoid enthusiast antecedently collaborated with the artist back the Nyan Cat culture to drop “Nyan Dogg” NFTs on 4/20 (a day sacred among smokers) earlier this year.

 NFT collector’s clumsy security practices cause $294K worth of stolen NFTs

An NFT collector, who goes by the name “Baccredited” on Twitter declared that hackers swiped $375,000 price of NFTs and tokens from 2 of their Ethereum wallets.

In a Sept. 21 tweet, the victim matched their losses, in the end that $294,000 price of NFTs and $81,000 price of crypto tokens had been purloined from their accounts.

Baccredited noted that whereas they do not apprehend specifically however the hackers gained access to their wallets, their personal keys and seed phrases had been hold on in txt files on their pc, stating:

“I know how stupid i used to be. $375K worth of stupid. I place personal keys and seed phrases in txt files on my mac’s filesystem. That’s a nasty plan. I did not use a hardware wallet for high-value assets. I know. I know. I KNOW”

The victim claimed to possess NFTs from famous collections like Bored Ape boat club, Art Blocks, Meebits and fat Penguins, marking a costly  lesson in private data  storage for the collector.

“Wow, collecting this explicit list failed to feel sensible in the slightest degree,” they said.

Feature Film and Hybrid NFTs

Blockchain-based metaverse tech firm Marvion is dropping “Hyrbid NFTs” (h-NFTs) in partnership with Phoenix Waters Productions associated AMM international as a part of the discharge of an forthcoming picture named “Lockdown.”

According to Marvion, a Hybrid NFT is an integrated “smart contract that may execute a deal and additionally contains the precise legal terms of the belongings possession and license.”

The first drop can embrace 5 restricted editions h-NFTs that may be issued a month before the imprisonment premiers in November. The h-NFTs can depict content from the film, whereas the firm is additionally touting the drop of tokenized tickets for viewers who attend live screenings in Hong Kong and therefore the UK.

The movie Lockdown is based on the story of an actor who  partakes in an  audition where the casting director pressures them to pass a series of tests to prevent somebody around him from being killed. The group includes Xander Berkeley, famous for his roles in Terminator and therefore The Walking Dead, and Hong Kong actress Anita Chui.

The specific details of the h-NFT s are proclaimed within the coming weeks.

A tokenized QAnon conspiracy?

Ron Watkins, who is believed to be one amongst the first espousers  of the QAnon conspiracy theory, has proclaimed he can launch an NFT assortment via auction to fund a “critical project” that he says can “save America.”

The collection consists of 5 tokenized tweets from Watkins that were retweeted by Donald Trump before the combine being illegal from the platform earlier this year.

“A few weeks past, I made a decision to begin performing on a secret project that I feel can facilitate saving America. To assist raise funds I am selling a set of 5 of my tweets that were retweeted by President Trump as special Non-Fungible-Tokens,” Watkins told the 429,000 members of his Telegram group.

The collection is dubbed the “CodeMonkeyZ Freedom Series,” with the primary of the series’ 5 NFTs presently up for auction on OpenSea. Details concerning the “critical project” are however to be declared.


Cointelegraph rumored on Sept. 21 that Sorare, a marketplace for tokenized association football commercialism cards, raised $680 million in an exceedingly Series B funding spherical diode by Japanese fintech large SoftBank.

Professional wrestler actor John Cena said fans solely purchased 7.4% of his World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) NFTs that were dropped last month. Cena referred to it as a “catastrophic failure” as he cited the value points of the NFTs as being too high for fans.


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