Poly Network hacker returns $258M out of $612M

By Clark

$258 million price of taken crypto assets have come back thus far and also the hacker claims they’re keeping the remainder of the funds safe whereas they negotiate with Poly.

The Poly Network hacker has recently returned $258 million to the cross-chain DeFi protocol and conducted an issue and answer session particularisation however the initial hack went down.

In what’s being delineated because the largest DeFi hack so far, the Poly Network suffered a $612 million exploit on August 10 that saw the hacker steal assets from Ethereum, Binance Chain and also the Polygon Network.

Tom Robinson, the chief person at blockchain analytics firm Elliptic told Forbes on August 11 that the hacker has currently given back  roughly $258 million price of funds to Poly thus far — with $342 million nevertheless to be returned.

The offender declared their temperament to give back the taken funds on multiple occasions, which has led to suggestions that it’s going to be a white hat hack to show Poly a fashionable lesson regarding its security flaws.

However, that read wasn’t essentially shared by Robinson who declared that the returning of funds “demonstrates that albeit you’ll steal crypto-assets, laundering them and cashing out is very troublesome thanks to the transparency of the blockchain.”

The hacker has conducted an AMA (Ask ME Anything) by use of embedded messages in Ethereum transactions, and whereas they seem to be a non-native English speaker, what is lost in translation is their grand set up.

When asked why they were hacking and why the Poly protocol, especially, the hacker states “for fun” and since “cross-chain hacking is hot.”

Despite such answers, they then proceed to assert the hack was conducted for noble causes, which they need since been transferring tokens between addresses solely to stay them safe:

“When recognizing the bug, I had a mixed feeling. Ask yourself what you do had you facing such a lot fortune. Asking the project team in a well mannered way in order that they’ll fix it? Anyone may be the traitor given one billion. I will trust nobody! The sole resolution I will return with is saving it in a trusty account.”

“Now everybody smells a way of conspiracy. Insider? Not Me, however who knows? I take the responsibility to show the vulnerability before any insiders concealing and exploiting it!” they superimposed.

Users on Twitter noted that the hacker was inquiring for steerage on the way to deposit funds into Tornado money, that may be a decentralised protocol that permits non-public Ethereum transactions.

The offender was additionally quizzed on why they had been trading and swapping a number of the taken stablecoins, during which they responded with: “I was pissed by the Poly team for their initial response.

The Poly team sent a letter to the hacker yesterday that urged them to return the taken assets as “law enforcement in any country can regard this as a significant economic crime and you may be pursued.”

The hacker goes on to say that “they urged others blame me  and hate me before I had any likelihood to reply!” which that they had no intentions of laundering the money:

“In the meantime, depositing the stables may earn some interest to hide potential value in order that I even have longer to negotiate with the Poly team.”


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