Poloniex’s ramp up to the new trading system along with its expansion

By Raghav Sawhney

The voyage of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, has started its global expedition. After its successful expedition in events hosted in Malaysia and Vietnam, the India meet-up also ended up with grand success.

Poloniex is one of the topmost and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that offer favorable trading conditions.

Since its launching in 2014, it has gone through various adverse situations that make them hard to crack. Their sound operations and exceptional risk management strategies make them reliable and user-friendly. Despite the bearded condition of the crypto market, Poloneix is evolving and enhancing its user experience. Rather it is expanding its utilities more and more.

As part of their further development, they have launched a new trading system on 1st august which aims to bring a better trading experience to their users. This NTS is said to be more focused on speed, stability and with a great user interface where users can have a smooth trading experience, As the new tagline itself says “ Trade Faster Trade Better.”

Poloniex’s Team had recently hosted a series of events in different countries as a part of announcement of its expansion which includes Malaysia, Vietnam and recently in India as well. On July 17, Sunday they arranged a meet-up at Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru.

India has always been a great market for different industries. But for cryptocurrencies, the picture is a bit different. The future of cryptocurrencies is of unlimited potential, still, the Indian Government is somehow reluctant to accept this digital asset warm heartedly, there are still some strict regulations regarding crypto trading in India. Despite the regulations, around 20 million Indians are trading on cryptocurrencies.

These make Poloniex think about expanding its business in India. Recently, Poloniex partnered with Polygon. Polygon is one of the leading platforms operating in The Ethereum scaling and web 0.3 ecosystems. Its scalping solutions have been accepted globally. It has processed over 3 billion transactions worldwide.

The partnership of Poloniex and Polygon is more focused on the adoption and fostering of the development of the Web3 ecosystem. This merger intends to strengthen its market share in India while allowing its users to benefit from a wide range of products and services.

Poloniex team is neatly observing the Indian market which has great potential and possibilities.

The purpose of the India tour of Poloniex is 3 Dimensional. It wants to expand its services in the potential Indian market. It promotes its space traveler program which is more of a referral program.

The program was hosted by the Global Marketing Manager of Poloniex, Kingsley Tan. He has amazingly cleared and declared all the above-mentioned points. Besides, there was the famous influencer Reshi, the popular Shilika Jain from Coinmarketcap, Astha from Polygon, Rhic from Bicconomy. The panel also includes Rahul and Kingsley.

In short, the program was a great success and intense interest for both the crypto enthusiast of India and the Poloniex. The step taken by Poloniex will surely help the Indian crypto market gain a lot from the global market.


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Twitter – https://twitter.com/Poloniex

Raghav Sawhney

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