Is A New Record On The Horizon For Bitcoin In 2021?

By Sumedha Bose

It seems like new predictions are already cropping up for Bitcoin in the crypto circle. Alec Ziupsnys, the popular crypto trader and his team, have predicted that Bitcoin could see a new all time high in 2021.

They claim that the crypto could slowly start making its way up and break into an unprecedented bullish trend that places it at the top again and crosses its previously held record of all time high. He tweeted the following:

Rhythm Trader handler is Alec’s account on Twitter that be manages on behalf of him and his team. He cites the historical pattern of Bitcoin’s growth, claiming that history could repeat itself. That 2014 to 2016 market cycle is repeating itself again in the current time.

Alec also has an interesting theory l about how if BTC actually follows a multi-year cycle of boom and busts, it will just indicate that the top crypto has already bottomed.

These traders believe that if the crypto market cycles are seemingly ‘rhyming’, it could mean a consistent but slow upward move which would take the crypto to its peak in 2021.

The cryptocurrency enthusiast, and massive believer in Bitcoin over centralized financial institutions, further added that if BTC truly follows a multi-year cycle of boom and bust, the likelihood exists that the world number one cryptocurrency has already bottomed.

He had previously tweeted:

Alec has a firm conviction that the price of Bitcoin is going upstairs, and it will reach a new high in the year 2021.

Sumedha Bose

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