Investors are distributing six figures for pet rock NFTs

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The most expensive EtherRock up for sale is priced at a walloping $1.9 billion.

The latest craze to resurface within the effervescent nonfungible token (NFT) scene may be an assortment of digital pet rocks from 2017 dubbed EtherRocks.

On August eight, one EtherRock sold out for a walloping 45 ETH — price roughly $135,240 at the time.

EtherRock was one amongst the primary crypto collectible NFTs issued on the Ethereum blockchain, following shortly after CryptoPunks’ June 2017 launch. Each EtherRock showcases a still image of a stone, with every token donning a novel color by being similar in form and size.

Only 100 EtherRocks can ever be minted, with the project’s good contracts having been deployed on Dec. 25 , 2017. In line with Etherscan, the primary EtherRock seems to have been sold-out on Dec. 26, 2017, for 0.099 ETH (worth roughly $300 at the time).

Etherscan shows that nearly 20  rocks were sold out within the 1st 3 years of the game’s existence, taking costs between 0.1 and 0.36 ETH. With slow but steady sales throughout the first half of  2021, the recently effervescent NFT market galvanized investors to rush the remaining EtherRock offer — inflicting costs to surge.

With every of the 100 EtherRocks having sold-out off, several of the tokens are placed up for selling on common NFT marketplaces. Secondary costs vary from 31 ETH ($96,100) up to a staggering 626,262 ETH (roughly $1.9 billion).

Physical pet rocks were 1st launched back in 1975 as a collectible toy by advertising govt, Gary Dahl.

Offering tongue-in-cheek discuss the billowing quality of the tokenized pet rocks, Ran Neuner, co-founder and CEO of Onchain Capital, Ran Neuner, tweeted that the NFTs comprise the last word store valuable and inflation hedge on August 10:

“There are 7bn folks within the world, 21m Bitcoin – however solely a hundred Rocks within the world. Are you able to imagine what happens once institutional cash starts flowing into rocks? it is a matter of your time till a Rocks ETF is approved.”

CryptoPunks are one amongst the largest successes within the world of NFT assembling, with the tokens frequently taking six-figure costs. According to Cointelegraph on August 4, a foxy collector recently created $80K profit in an exceedingly CryptoPunk sale when buying the token for nearly nothing.


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