Damus to lure in Crypto Twitter with Bitcoin profit payout option

By Clark

The team said that the forthcoming point would be made available in the app’s coming update but is yet to reveal a timeframe.

Decentralized social network Damus teased an forthcoming point in its app that would allow druggies to earn satoshis — the lowest bit of Bitcoin BTC tickers down $ 23,002 — grounded on post engagement on the platform.

In a tweet, the Damus platoon stressed that there will be a point that allows druggies to earn satoshis in the coming interpretation that’s “ coming soon. ” The platoon didn’t give any details after the advertisement.

Damus describes itself as a social network controlled by druggies and doesn’t depend on centralized companies. The operation is erected on Nostr, or “ Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays, ” a decentralized network that enables end- to- end private messaging. There are no waiters within its network. rather, the protocol uses decentralized relays to distribute dispatches.

colorful community members expressed their excitement about the new Damus point, with some indeed going as far as describing Nostr as “ the future of monetization. ”

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also been expressing support for Nostr by furnishing finances to the inventors of the design. OnDec. 16, Dorsey said that he bestowed 14 BTC, which was around $250,000 at the time, to support the development of the decentralized social network.

Cointelegraph reached out to a Damus inventor for commentary but didn’t get a response yet.

On Feb. 1, Damus went live on the Apple App Store and came available for download for iPhone drugs. Following this, Jack Dorsey also participated in the news through his Twitter account and described the update as a new “ corner ” for open- source protocols.

The former Twitter CEO also pushed for the creation of a decentralized Twitter volition back on Dec. 14. This followed the release of an internal disquisition led by Elon Musk that stressed suppression- related issues on Twitter. Dorsey stressed implicit results to the issues like adaptability from commercial or government control, leaving the right to remove content to the authors and enforcing algorithmic temperance.


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