Cleanspark Acquires Plug-in-Ready Bitcoin Mining Facility With up to 86 MW of capability

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On Tuesday, the bitcoin company Cleanspark declared it acquired a plug-in-ready bitcoin mining facility that’s climbable to eighty six megawatts (MW) of capability. Presently, the freshly opened web site in Washington, Georgia, has thirty six megawatts, that is predicted to grant Cleanspark’s hashrate a thirty eighth boost this quarter.

Publicly-Listed Bitcoin jack Cleanspark Expands Operations in Georgia

After Cleanspark Iraqi National Congress. (Nasdaq: CLSK) revealed last month that it acquired 1,061 bitcoin miners at a “discounted worth,” the corporation declared it’s acquired a replacement facility in Washington, the seat of Wilkes County, Georgia. The new facility has the capability to host up to eighty six MW and Cleanspark purchased the power for $16.2 million. The mining firm conjointly bought 3,400 Antminer S19 mining rigs for $8.9 million.

The Antminer rigs are presently operating with 340 petahash per second (PH/s) of hashpower. “[Cleanspark] can fill the balance of the thirty six MW with machines already acquired and to be had,” Tuesday’s announcement details. The new facility is going to be Cleanspark’s third clean-energy bitcoin mining facility in Georgia. The corporation says that it’s forward to growing the facility’s infrastructure and bolstering native jobs within the region. The location leverages low-carbon energy sources like nuclear, Cleanspark’s announcement explains.

“We are excited to expand our footprint in Georgia,” Cleanspark’s CEO Zach Bradford said during a statement. The market has been getting ready all summer for consolidation, and that we are a unit happy to get on the exploit facet. Our specialization in property and maximising price for our stakeholders have placed the United States in a distinctive position to require advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that the present market has created.” Bradford continued:

We are a unit particularly excited to be operating with the voters of Washington, GA, World Health Organization are therefore hospitable to the United States. We glance forward to maintaining and growing jobs and infrastructure at our new field in Washington.

Cleanspark shares CLSK have seen gains throughout the last thirty days rising ten.51%, however annual statistics show CLSK has lost 67.86%. A variety of alternative publicly-listed mining firms have seen shares follow an equivalent downward trend as cryptocurrencies within the current securities industry. As an example, Marathon Digital Holdings (Nasdaq: MARA) reported that it recorded negative Q2 results, however the company saw an increase in bitcoin production.

The price of bitcoin has hurt BTC mining revenue and therefore the leading crypto asset’s hashrate slipped 1.7% lower in Q2 compared to the primary quarter. Despite the crypto winter, Cleanspark has continued to expand and once it acquired 2 bulk orders of ASIC miners in July a reduction, Bradford highlighted that Cleanspark was seeing “unprecedented opportunities during this market.”


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