Cardano Team Taking the Torch Lit By Satoshi Nakamoto, Says Charles Hoskinson

By Kapil Gauhar

Charles Hoskinson is the creator of smart-contract blockchain Cardano, says that Cardano’s crypto contributors are further taking the torch that was lit by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto to bring new heights to the industry.

Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and the CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), says in an interview that IOHK, alongside its team of specialists, is making the eventual fate of digital currency.

“The reality is, as great as Satoshi’s contributions were to cryptocurrencies, just what we’ve done at IOHK is significantly more meaningful. We formalized everything from what a ledger is, to showing that proof of work can be resistant to quantum computers.”

“We solved the proof of stake problem. We designed significantly better programming languages. We extended the UTXO model, approved by simulation with a special type of state machine…”

“This is foundational work done by dozens of academics and the totality of it is unbelievably better than anything Satoshi can construct. At the peak, our system could probably perform at a million transactions per second. Satoshi’s can do it at seven. I mean, these are just facts.”

Hoskinson likewise offers pieces of information on how BTC’s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto could be recognized. Hoskinson brings up that since BTC’s script is based on a unique computing language called “Forth,” Satoshi’s coding style could be contrasted with other open-source projects to discover a match.

The Cardano creator believes that Satoshi is somebody who was in their 40’s or 50’s when the BTC whitepaper showed up, since the programming language Forth was utilized in the 1980’s or mid ’90s for computer science guidance, principally in England and the Eastern United States.

Concerning Cardano’s future, Hoskinson uncovers in an ongoing AMA on YouTube that his team is as yet discussing when to reveal the testnet for its proof-of-stake update called Shelley.

“We’re now having a deep and detailed discussion about the Shelley Haskell testnet and the best way of pulling those pieces together… Now that we’re on a regular release cadence, literally every week software is being released. Node is every two weeks. Daedalus flight is at least every two weeks. The node wallet back end is every week. A lot of stuff is coming.”

Kapil Gauhar

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