Byepix, the First MetaFi Project to Combine; Gamefi, Metaverse, Blockchain, SocialFi and DAO all Under the Same Roof

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MetaFi and how is it worthwhile?

The blend of Meta from metadata and Fi from Defi (Decentralized finance) forms the word MetaFi. Nowadays, people are slowly skipping into the digital world, and MetaFi is an excellent part of it. It’s an up-to-date prototype that focuses on blockchain automation, especially to standardize itself for traditional Web2 applications, which are extensive, including social media platforms, games, and the Metaverse. It is a notion that gives up-to-date information and a mix-up of projects like Metaverse, GameFi, Web3, NFTs, and SocialFi, which has been in one conjunction. This motivates people to do a continuation of good in their lives. The motive is to construct a new ecosystem based on digital advantages which give users and players up-to-date cases. 

Byepix the first MetaFi project and how it works 

Byepix’s main motive is to change the dreams into innovative, advanced ones which are more adjacent to the actuality. The evolution of technology and medicine has made a situation where the reviewed prohibitions and unquestioned certitudes increased primarily in the last century. Thus, a chiliad of persons in their particular content is endeavoring with the elation of making “new” universes where they can make the imaginations turn into reality. This brings out the creativity and desires of people. Byepix benefits and gives commiseration of humanity and focuses on evolving applications that will turn the miracles beyond the fancy imaginations. Therefore, this process of making expectations into reality gives a romantic impression. An individual should place himself as a program specially designed to build the technical framework and make everyone involved in this process. 

Demonstrate Byepix more.

Byepix is fundamentally a galactic star system that hosts nine planets on the Metaverse. These nine planets are worthy of every life on Earth, which are discovered by the scientists and also describe that if the lives were having lessons from their mistakes. Hence, they prefer to give out all the certitudes and systems to the planets in place of an individual planet with inadequate infrastructure in this star system and therefore remake these planets into areas for people to earn money, have fun, complete tasks as they do on Earth. Thus, Byepix is the biggest star of this system, which gives out the EPIX substance, a very heavy material that grabs the eyesight with its attractive glow because it never rusts or becomes dull. 

Byepix is a cyber-social program that gives a new reality, a universe of meaning, and opportunities to collaborate that gives interaction chances for different productions intellectually and economically. It sets out as an individualistic NFT ecosystem that captivates users to the Blockchain space. It covers the NFT cycle of life and permits anyone to show creativity, publish their works, auction and trade NFTs they are searching for in the market to ensure that NFTs are supported with innovative earning models.

What are the benefits?

  • Byepix raises out with its instinctive algorithm that authorizes users to swiftly find the NFTs they are searching for in the market and make sure that the smart earning models are used to support NFTs. 
  • It will permit users to generate 2D or 3D NFTs and convey them to planets in the star system of Byepix. 
  • Byepix will have a Launchpad inside the star system, which will be used before reaching orbit.
  • Byepix can organize any NFT present in other markets that Byepix welcomes and discovers as compatible with the help of blockchain structure. It permits buying, trading, selling NFTs, and owning shares consistently. 
  • It also has its own reciprocate application for the users so that they can buy and trade EPIX tokens. 
  • Byepix permits the individual the selling, trading, buying of NFTs and sanctions to own their shares.
  • The vision is to construct sectoral results by putting up to the development of Metaverse with the practical star system, which is created using Virtual reality and Augmented reality. 

Which places do MetaFi works?

  • Virtual Worlds- The digital places that complete the determination of social, work, commerce, or gameplay environments that may or may not have a mimicry of the real world. 
  • Marketplaces- these are disseminated digital places that equal supply and demand. Users can trade freely and publish NFTs directly. Apart from these two places, there are Fan Tokens, Yield Farming NFTs, and many more.

Thus, we have shown you the process of MetaFi and its first example of Byepix through this draft. We have given a demonstration of how expectations can be changed to reality, and we hope this will be helpful and will delete every query raised in the mind of an individual. 

Do not forget to go to and check out the project which is in the presale stage.

We expect productive results for this article, and no matter what the results come, we will welcome it. Thank you for reading. 

To know more about Byepix, you can visit their Instagram, Twitter, Reddit or Medium.


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