Bitcoiner claims to have found ‘long lost Satoshi Bitcoin code’ with personal notations

By Clark

According to Jim Blasko, he was able to uncover data and files from Bitcoin v0.1 as well as notations from Satoshi Nakamoto using “a very little browser hacking.”

Jim Blasko, a crypto enthusiast, has claimed to have unearthed “the official oldest known uploaded copy of Satoshi’s Bitcoin” code, originally uploaded in August 2009.

In an Oct. 7 post on Facebook, Blasko aforementioned he found code geological dating back before the earliest days Satoshi went public with Bitcoin BTC  dropped $19,499 by “using some browser hacking” on ASCII text file package development platform SourceForge, wherever the cryptocurrency was registered in November 2008. He enclosed claims that it took the BTC creator six months to mine one million coins “as block 20,000 would not return till July 22 2009 et al like Hal [Finney]” were conjointly mining.

“This explicit transfer was thought to have been lost for a minimum of ten years, however when doing analysis on some previous coins I created, I visited [SourceForge] and with a bit of browser hacking I found the lost Bitcoin v0.1 data and files,” aforementioned Blasko. “Since 2012 it had been thought that the raw code and also the files were gone as they had been scraped from the [SourceForge] program for a few reasons […] I did some digging and I was able to realize the first code.”

According to the 2 SourceForge links provided by Blasko, Satoshi’s personal notations enclosed remarks on why Bitcoin used base-58 “instead of normal base-64 encoding” and questioned what to try and do concerning errors within the future:

The first Bitcoin block — the Genesis Block — was mined in January. 3, 2009, following Satoshi cathartic the cryptocurrency’s white book in 2008. Satoshi’s identity continues to be a supply of speculation among several within the area, with the onymous creator being remembered with statues, papers, memes, and nonfungible tokens.


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