Creator of ChatGPT An open-source AI model from OpenAI has been released: Report

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The company that created ChatGPT appears to be feeling pressure from other open-source AI models and is getting ready to enter the market with one of its own.

The company OpenAI, which created the ChatGPT AI chatbot, is apparently working on an open-source artificial intelligence (AI) model for distribution to the public.

According to a May 16 article in The Information that cited a source familiar with the idea, OpenAI is making the change as pressure builds from rival open-sourced AI models, such those that were released from Meta in February.

It was not disclosed when the model would be available.

As the company’s value came from being able to sell access to its more complex models, it was said that OpenAI’s open-source model would probably not be competitive with its flagship ChatGPT product.

Open-source AI models like Meta’s LLaMa, which was once only available to researchers but was completely leaked by a user from the imageboard website 4chan in late February, have posed a serious threat to OpenAI.

Additional open-source models come from Stability AI, which released its extensive language models in April, and Databricks’ Dolly 2.0 AI, which was released just days before Stability AI.

With open-source models, everyone has access to the entire source code. The models may be altered for any cause or fitted to particular needs by anyone. Some businesses decide to open-source their software because they think contributions from other developers could improve it.

These models’ creators also receive considerable financial support.

Together, an AI company, said on May 15 that it has secured $20 million in a seed round backed by prominent cryptocurrency leaders such as Dawn Song, Alex Atallah, and Mary-Catherine Lader, COO of Uniswap. Together’s stated goal is to develop open-source generative AI models.

A paper from Google senior software engineer Luke Sernau that was released earlier in May identified open-source AI models as a serious danger to the company’s own AI initiatives.

The uncomfortable fact is that neither OpenAI nor ourselves are in a position to win this weapons race, Sernau said.

He said that open-source AI models quietly improved tremendously while Google was preoccupied with its rivalry with OpenAI. He wrote, “They are lapsing us.” Open-source models are quicker, more adaptable, more private, and more powerful overall.

OpenAI was contacted by Cointelegraph for comment, but no response was given right away.


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