Which Bitcoin Pool Pays The Most?

By Kapil Gauhar

A lot of people are questioning: Which bitcoin mining pool pays the most? Well, Bitcoin is a system that allows you to earn money in the future.

In comparison with traditional fiat currencies, Bitcoin comes with many advantages. For instance, this system operates without banks, and its rate is anticipated to rise in the future. In case you decide to run the bitcoin yourself, there is a choice: either you do it alone or join the so-called mining pool.

This article brings you the list of mining pools which pays the most.

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List of Bitcoin Pools

Here you will know which of this bitcoin mining pool pays the most. Let’s look at the most popular yet promising ones:


This English-speaking resource looks to have no loopholes. The service provides miners with a chance to rent “drilling rigs” and extract bitcoin with their help.

However, this service has already won the appreciation of miners from across the world. Statistics available to users, and a small commission make this service very attractive for miners.


This pool has a large capacity. It can be used for killing not just the bitcoins but also other sorts of digital currencies, for example, Dash.

It is very convenient to work in the service. You can install the program in your PC and on the machine a mine currency. All you mined can be brought either to the stock exchange or personal purse.


Zpool is an American service for mining. Its output works only in bitcoins. Exchange operations happen in an automatic mode, that is quite convenient, especially for the beginners. The service script is very unique in its own way. And the best thing is that you don’t need to register on it.

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BitClub Network

This company was created by the enterprising and burning idea of mining by individuals. The service works not only with Bitcoin but with ETH, ETC, ZEC, XMR too.

BitClub Network positions itself as an investment project in the market. There are two plans for 1 and 2 thousand days, registration is free, and the membership fee is just $99.

The pool works firmly and doesn’t allow interruptions in its activities.

The investment threshold is about $500, and if you decide to pay the membership fee, then you will have 5 packages available: $500, $1,000 and $2,000, or all for $3,500 and $5,000.

You can buy an unlimited number of packages. Percentage of earnings and reinvest put from 0 to 100. Anyway, the project has its own currency, ClubCoin, that is provided to the participants. But, who controls the pricing of cryptocurrencies nobody knows.

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