Top 10 Bitcoin Investment Websites Of 2019

By Sumedha Bose

With the market gaining back some semblance of stability, it is now ideal to keep a lookout for the top Bitcoin investment websites that are out there.

As and when Bitcoin prices rise, it will become more profitable to have invested in the digital currency early on. This is the perfect time to scout the top Bitcoin investment websites and put your money on the currency.

Bitcoin is gradually emerging as a legitimate investment like any other. If you are still wondering Will Bitcoin be a Good Investment in 2019?, this might be the right time to make up your mind and look into investing options.

However, there are so many options out there that one might find it difficult to figure out where and how to invest in the primary cryptocurrency.

With the intention of simplifying that process for our readers, and have them make a more informed decision, here are the top Bitcoin investment websites that one should look into at the moment.

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Top 10 Bitcoin Investment Websites For The Year

1. Coinbase

Possibly one of the safest and most popular sites out there, Coinbase makes the entire process of trading in cryptocurrencies extremely convenient.

Not only does it allow users to buy, sell and pay for goods in Bitcoins, it also encourages them to ‘invest’ in Bitcoins through the ‘dollar cost averaging’ method.

This allows users to buy bitcoins automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. It is definitely one of the most secure sites out there for users to start investing in Bitcoins

2. Binance

Binace has emerged as a supremely popular exchange in recent years. It allows users to pick and choose from several different cryptocurrencies.

Those looking to invest in Bitcoins, especially newbies, should definitely consider looking into Binance as a platform because of all the features it has to offer.

It is safe, has a great reputation and has low transaction fees. It is the ideal exchange site for those looking to invest in Bitcoins.

3. LocalBitcoins

One of the most popular and trusted sites out there, LocalBitcoins facilitates meeting of individuals on the site, to buy and sell their bitcoins.

With a built-in escrow system, that protects users from any scammers, it ensures that only legitimate transactions take place on the site.

It is a great choice for those looking to buy BTC from other sellers, and thereby invest in it. The site assures full safety of your assets.

4. Kraken

As a platform completely devoted to Bitcoins,  Kraken has emerged as a popular site for trading BTC. It allows for safe and secure transactions of your digital assets.

With an evergrowing base of people, Kraken is a great site to choose, when looking to invest in BTC. It can be used by both businesses and individuals.

It has a fast engine and facilitates a large number of transactions in record time. It is really convenient to use this site.

5. Bitstamp

Being one of the first operators to get a license to deal in Bitcoins, it is one of the oldest and most trusted sites around.

Bitstamp allows users to turn their bitcoins into a proportionate amount of gold. It also supports both credit and debit cards.

A one of a kind platform, if we consider the unique features that it has to offer. All transactions are rigorously monitored, and that ensures maximum safety.

6. Bitfinex

Another trusted exchange that offers a variety of options to its users. Bitfinex is a trusted and safe site that has multiple cryptocurrencies listed on the platform.

The platform allows for exchange trading, margin trading and margin funding. So if you want to play a safer bet, you can always choose the kind of trading that you want to indulge in.

7. OKCoin

The perfect site for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency, OKCoin is just the fit for all the beginners in the market.

It is a great site for investors where one can buy, sell and invest in bitcoins. It allows for a number of options for its users, and they can do as they please with their BTC.

8. Hitbtc

A great platform for those looking to invest in BTC and any other cryptocurrency for that matter. IT claims to be one of the most advanced Bitcoin exchange out there.

One can directly deposit USD to buy Bitcoins on the platform. It assures a safe and secure platform for people to invest in the cryptocurrency of their choice.

9. Paxful

A brilliant peer-to-peer site for investing in Bitcoin, Paxful has a large user base around the world.

It supports diverse payment methods to buy Bitcoins with, like Western Union and PayPal, along with OneVanilla and Amazon gift cards.

Trading on this platform is really convenient for all.

10. Bisq

A relatively lesser known site, Bisq is a gradually emerging site. It is one of the most convenient sites out there that lets you buy Bitcoins.

One just needs to download the app, add an account and finalize a transaction to start trading, and all of this can be done under 10 minutes.

It is a safe and secure platform for all those looking to invest in bitcoins.

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