Blockchain And Copyrights, Explained

By Kapil Gauhar

These days, there have been a lot of discussions around the uses and proposed uses of blockchain tech across several business segments that we have discussed previously.

Blockchain use for decentralized payment systems, supply chain management, health records management, land title registration, retail sector and many others are the ones we are all aware of now.

However, not many know the technology’s use for the protection from copyright infringement, since it entered the discussions lately.

Technology buffs are expecting that a public blockchain, decentralized ledger, can help protect copyright infringement.

Though many platforms exist to help you protect your intellectual ownership rights to works of art, yet cases of piracy and thefts are regularly reported worldwide. Such incidents raise queries on the ability of these platforms for protecting against plagiarism or piracy. Another question is whether these platforms would serve as evidence in the court or not.

Legislations differ from nation to nation and don’t always pay much attention to copyright protection. Besides, they don’t dependably acknowledge blockchain-registered copyright as evidence.

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Blockchain and Copyright Protection: A Long-Awaited Journey

Copyright registrations may be one of the widespread potential blockchain applications. But, the journey will still go longer than we expect it to.

Lack of trust and awareness could become the factor in the path. Individuals treat innovations with express suspicion and caution on things that they find hard to understand. This psychological behaviour for protecting against possible dangers usually prohibit people from making good use of growing technology.

Besides the lack of awareness and understanding, there are some critical issues which need immediate solutions. Sure, things may be simplified for digital content, but protecting physical objects is a whole different scenario.

In spite of these problems, blockchain firms are aimed at disrupting the art and entertainment industries in 3 possible ways –

  1. Proof of right ownership
  2. Disintermediation of services
  3. Fighting of illegitimate reproductions

Binded (formerly known as Blockai) is a leading platform to register the copyright with the use of Blockchain Technology. There are several players in music, films and TV, which are yet to prove their worth. Some of the well-known names in the music are Opus, Resonate, Paper, etc. In films and TV, the name includes a decentralized alternative to Netflix, SingularDTV. Decent and Creative Chin are other platforms which cover a variety of digital content.

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Blockchain Can Counter Piracy Issues Effectively

No doubt, Blockchain would offer a decentralized ledger to store all the claims to authorship without any fear of intervention with the original work.

Blockchain-powered platforms are perfect for tracking plagiarism and piracy on the internet the authors of electronic content like music, photography, e-books, etc. However, the real potential of the technology for copyright infringement in real-life courts is still in the dark. How is blockchain anonymous? No one knows!

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