5 Cryptocurrencies That Could Become The Next Bitcoin

By Prashant Jha

It’s been close to a decade since Bitcoin made its first appearance and took the fintech world by storm, possibly even laying the foundation for the crypto industry as we know it today.

In these intermittent years, Bitcoin has seen numerous upheavals, touching close to a $20000 last December and collapsing to a price point near $3000 this December.

With Bitcoin having such a tumultuous run and given that it has already sent out 17.3 million of its 21 million supply cap , it’s clear that the crypto world better be prepared with some alternatives to the pioneering cryptocurrency.

Therefore, here is our list for the 5 cryptocurrencies that could replace Bitcoin in the near future.

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1. Bitcoin Cash

The November 15 hard fork of Bitcoin Cash had triggered quite a chaos in the crypto world and resulted in it splitting into two parts: Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Version).

While the latter claims to be the coin that’s true to Satoshi Nakamoto original vision for Bitcoin, when it comes to being a viable Bitcoin alternative, it is the original BCH that retains the upper hand by a significant margin over its younger competitor.

Although it has suffered a 13% fall only a couple of days back, experts are forecasting sunnier times ahead in 2019, for Bitcoin Cash. With a faster, more efficient, and adequately decentralized offering, Bitcoin Cash is here to make its parent crypto Bitcoin proud, it seems.

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2. Litecoin

Like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin is also a fork of Bitcoin that sought to improve upon the flaws of Bitcoin while retaining its many perks.

Since Litecoin has been built upon the open source code of the Bitcoin core client itself, Litecoin is clearly a worthy heir to Bitcoin. In addition, it is a faster, smoother crypto coin with a higher supply cap that even makes micropayments an easy possibility for users.

In every way, the pros of Litecoin outweigh its cons, and makes it a likely candidate to make a dash for Bitcoin’s throne, if vacated.

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3. Monero

Monero is a privacy coin that gives you quite the bang for your buck. While it serves most purposes Bitcoin does, it adds a crucial layer that’s missing in the pioneering cryptocurrency: FUNGIBILITY.

Fungibility is a characteristic that makes Monero more like money. It basically means that every unit of Monero is interchangeable with the other.

Given it’s a securely encrypted privacy coin, it does not save transaction histories the way Bitcoin does, which is why it is so fungible. It’s quickly rising up the popularity charts and can easily be the next cryptocurrency that stirs up a storm in crypto’s metaphorical teacup.

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4. Dash

Dash is another privacy coin, that’s fast gaining ground because of the many advantages it has to offer.

Its defining feature is definitely the aspect of privacy in built in the crypto coin. Besides, it is also fairly simple and democratic to mine DASH cryptocurrency.

Recent days have seen increasing adoptions of DASH as well, especially with KFC Venezuela beginning to accept DASH payments. Their deal with payments gateway company ePaymints has also opened up many doors for DASH.

With adoption on the rise and benefits to swear by, DASH is fast becoming quite the suitable alternative to Bitcoin. If Bitcoin were to be dethroned now, we are sure, DASH would be the dark horse to catch up quickly.

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5. Ripple

Ripple has been tailing Bitcoin for a while now, having displaced Ethereum from its second spot on the list of cryptocurrencies as per their market cap.

If we take a look at the pros and cons of Ripple, we’ll see how the former outweigh the latter. Moreover, Ripple has had some great collaborations this year, including organizations as esteemed as the Gates Foundation.

With a strong concept backing this crypto-based payment protocol, Ripple could really turn the crypto world on its head if Bitcoin were to lose its throne.

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