Best Cryptocurrency News Aggregator Websites

By Kapil Gauhar

Presumably, the world of crypto is quite volatile and always loaded with surprises. That is the reason why a good cryptocurrency news aggregator can prove to be useful to guarantee that you will be updated in real time with what’s whatever happening in the cryptosphere.

This article devoted to letting you know about some of the best cryptocurrency news aggregators available today. Though they are similarly incredible, yet there are some slight variations in regards to the visual and user experience individually, which may appeal to different individuals. If you are a real crypto investor, then you will need to look at them all and discover the one that suits your requirements the best.

Explore The Top 7 Cryptocurrency News Aggregators

#1. CoinSpectator

This is an important cryptocurrency news aggregator in the market as it provides exceptionally valuable information about cryptocurrencies since it has a wide assortment of news sources. Amidst the website, there is a newsfeed, and some other options and features.

It is likewise important to check that the site demonstrates the most recent cryptocurrency prices in the market of the best 10 essential virtual currencies. In the meantime, there is an alternative that enables you to get alarms about the most recent news.

#2. CoinView

coinview.jpgOn a fast look, CoinView looks surprisingly like the Blockfolio application. Other than the typical highlights, for example, monitoring news from every real source and keeping track of users’ portfolios, CoinView likewise gives you a one of a kind feature which empowers users to monitor Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) whether going or upcoming.

Moreover, what truly separates CoinView from every one of its rivals is its exclusive free trans-mining feature known as Hummingbird which has released recently.

#3. FAWS

This is a popular cryptocurrency aggregator combined with token price monitor and portfolio manager. It’s very simple to use and quite easy to follow. This platform gives you the current state of the Coins in real time as it aggregates more than 30 news channels which are all doing great in the crypto market. It’s easy to sign in and track your portfolio’s progress. You can even see the % gains or losses for every single coin in your portfolio once you have added the purchase price of that coin. You are also provided with the set alert system in according to the coin you follow and choose from the resources which you are willing to follow.

Not just the news, FAWS is a platform that offers an accurate market price on all the coins and tokens in the crypto market. These currencies are being ranked in accordance with the market capitalisation, which saves users a lot of time to have multiple tabs of different platforms opened on their computer systems.

With the unique features like the crypto portfolio, coin price check utility, news updates and coin price alert tools, this platform allows you to rest assured that you are going to be one step ahead of the game while making wise investment decisions via this platform.

#4. CryptoPanic

Ever wondered why the value of cryptocurrencies keeps increasing or plummeting without any implication? If it’s a problem that haunts you being a crypto investor, then it’s high time for you to join CryptoPanic! Every single news presented on this platform can easily be marked “important”, “bearish”, or “bullish” by you to help the community analyse how exactly the news is leaving the impact to the price of a specific cryptocurrency. Not only this, but the platform also lets you customise how and what content is being displayed.

Be it news from your favourite website or the news revolving around a specific coin; and the choice is yours! By paying just $9 a month, you can unlock the pro version of the website to enjoy some more interesting premium features.

#5. Blockfolio Bitcoin/ Altcoin App

The Blockfolio Bitcoin/ Altcoin App is quite popular among the crypto community. Besides updating you the latest news about digital coins frequently, what makes this application stand out from its competitors is its ability to support more than 3000 cryptocurrencies. Being one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management application, it also helps users to see their portfolio in more than 30 fiat currencies, for example, USD, GBP, JPY, SGD, EUR, CNY and many others.

#6. CoinLib

For some, CoinLib is not a cryptocurrency news aggregator platform. But it does provide similar features through its platform, and that’s the reason it’s included in the list. In order to use CoinLib as a cryptocurrency news aggregator platform, what you need to do is simply access the cryptocurrency news section, and you will find yourself connected with the latest events happening in the crypto world now. It’s even worth mention that when you create an account on CoinLib, which is free, you are helping yourself to access more interesting features such as portfolio tracking as well as management.

#7. News 360

In case you too are selecting some different news other than those from the crypto world, News 360 can turn out to be the most suitable choice for you. News 360 is a very powerful news aggregation application that works like a breeze today on tablets, smartphones and even on your computer system. What makes this application unique is that it’s powered by Artificial Intelligence which also makes it capable of analysing your news reading behaviour. It helps you provide with a more personalised experience. Presently serving more than 7 million users, News 360 application platform may be the perfect news aggregator platform you are looking for.


Now that you are aware of the seven best cryptocurrency news aggregators today, you must have come to know that which platform can be the perfect choice for you. So what are you sitting tight for? You have the options, and you have the resource, just go and switch to each platform mentioned above and find out how they work and facilitate your particular needs. And there you have the one that suits you the best. The aim is to be one step ahead of your competitors and remain there.

Kapil Gauhar

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