Spanish Hotel Chain To Test Bitcoin Payments Soon

By Prashant Jha

Spain’s reputed hotel chain, Casual Hoteles, is exploring avenues to add digital payment options to their roster, including the possibility of accepting Bitcoin payments from boarders. The hotel chain owns and runs several hotels spread all over Spain in locations such as as Madrid, Lisbon, Valencia and San Sebastian. A pilot project has been scheduled to assess the efficacy of making such payment options available and it will be run in the Casual Malaga del Mar hotel under the ambit of the company’s blockchain project.

By considering the addition of the top cryptocurrency as a mode of payment, Casual Hoteles is attempting to tap into the needs of tech savvy millennials so that they may be drawn towards the hotel for its high end services and reasonable costs.

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The hotel has also been considering the addition of Amazon Pay as a mode of payment, which goes on to show that its tryst with digital payments is going to be quite multifaceted.

By enabling payments via both Bitcoins and Amazon Pay, the chain can respond to the needs of both millennial crypto enthusiasts and the ordinary millennials who like to do everything on their smartphones.

The customers who will be a part of this pilot project are going to have a number of ways to make their Bitcoin Payments. The hotel’s reception area will have a scannable QR code which they can use to make the transfer.

Besides, they can also receive a payment code via WhatsApp which will allow the hotel to be paid in Euros. Using the WhatsApp code, customers can log onto a BitPay account, and process the transaction with Bitcoins so that the requisite amount of Euros can be passed on to the hotel.

The target audience of this project will be young netizens interested in luxury experiences. Other networks such as Unsettled and Roam, with their co-living plans,have already tapped into this demographic but Casual Hoteles strongly believes it can capture the attention of the same net-trotting millennials and win them back to more traditional offerings by introducing modern payment options.

A statement from the hotel reads:

“Casual Hoteles is committed to a relationship with its customers and other interest groups based on active listening to the market and the successive generation of added value, with the aim of anticipating their needs, exceeding their expectations and creating new formulas for tourism profitability.”

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