PrimeXBT’s 100,000$ Contest

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Today’s cryptocurrency market is so developed that there are several trading platforms available with a unique set of features tailored to the demands of all types of traders, regardless of their degree of expertise. This platform is indeed a newcomer to the industry. Established in 2018, the platform’s founders spent a significant amount of time analyzing other platforms and the usage patterns of different segments of the trading community.

PrimeXBT has recently announced the launch of a new option that will encourage friendly competition among some of the business community: the new Competition module. PrimeXBT members can engage in a range of trading contests instantly on the platform, thanks to the Contests module.

Trading contests are completely risk-free since no deposit or beginning money is required. Participants can trade using the platform’s virtual money. All trade performance data is made public via a worldwide scoreboard system that rates players in real-time. This fascinating new tool lets users participate in several competitions, trade virtual cash, and beat other competitors to move up the leaderboard ranking.

They conduct many trading contests on a weekly and monthly basis and reward individuals who achieve the greatest ROI (Return on Investment) throughout each trading competition period with attractive rewards.

What is PrimeXBT?

PrimeXBT is a renowned online platform that provides Cryptocurrency and CFDs for trading to clients worldwide. The PrimeXBT is indeed a one-stop trade platform that enables you to trade cryptocurrencies as well as the majority of major stock indices, commodity, and exchange-traded funds. Traders can also trade in commodities such as oil and natural gas.

There are several options accessible, but the coolest part regarding the trading platform is that it is pretty simple and can be used by newbies. For example, it enables you to enhance your earnings via leverage. In addition, it offers fewer trading fees than most of its rivals. The primary goal of the forum is to address common concerns such as lengthy KYC procedures, insufficient liquidity, unexpected downtime, limited order types, and high trading costs.

You can surely take advantage of spectacular leverage, tremendous liquidity, a user-friendly interface, and large trading volumes on this platform. PrimeXBT is a straightforward platform with a simple and user-friendly interface. Opening up the account on the platform takes just 40 seconds. Once set up, individuals can access a wide range of trading pairs and leverage choices. It provides 100x leverage for all cryptocurrency trading pairs, with a further 10x level of leverage at 1000x in FX and CFDs.

You have many alternatives when it comes to depositing funds in your PrimeXBT trading account. The platform accepts cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoins and 30 additional digital currencies and cash deposits through credit cards in USD and EUR currencies. PrimeXBT’s withdrawal options are presently restricted to BTC. However, other choices may be added to the platform in the coming years.

PrimeXBT Trading Contest Module

To promote the launch of this trading contest, PrimeXBT is now the Grand Trading Contest with a grand prize worth $ 100,000, which will then be divided among the ten highest-ranked traders.

First Place:

The individual who scores first place will get a prize of $ 50,000. Given credit to the PrimeXBT account. Shortly just after the tournament ends 

Second Place:

The individual who scores second place will get a prize of $20,000.

Third Place:

The individual who scores third place will win $ 10,000 

Fourth to Tenth Place

Depending on their position, all other winners will be given rewards between $ 500 and $ 7,000.

As discussed above, all transactions are risk-free using virtual currency, and contests are based on live market information to imitate an open trading system. One of the best things about this contest is that no deposit or registration fee is needed. To win the award, all you should do is participate in the PrimeXBT contest & outperform fellow contestants by showing the greatest potential ROI performance. As just a fun fact, a broad number of commodities are accessible to trade throughout the competition whether it’s currencies, cryptocurrency, commodity, oil, or stock indexes.

How to join the PrimeXBT Trading Contest?

Participating in the contest is a simple process. First and foremost, ensure that you do have a PrimeXBT account. If you don’t even have one, create one. It is a really simple procedure.

Sign in to your PrimeXBT account.

  • Select the Contests section from the menu.
  • You’ll be able to see all of the live contests over here. To view the details of every contest, select the view icon.
  • Once you’ve picked whatever contest you want to enter, simply click on the Join button.
  • Enter the name and select the box that says, “I certify that I have read and agree to all the Contests rules and regulations.”
  • Navigate to the My Contests page, and you’ll find the contest you’ve entered listed there. To begin trading, click on the start button.

Users may access all ongoing and forthcoming contests by selecting Competitions from the main platform menu. To take part in the competition, simply click on the Participate icon. There is no entrance fee or deposit necessary to participate in the event. Users can also view the requirements required to qualify for and win a prize by selecting a particular competition. You can also view your position in the competition, trading volume, transactions, and so on.

Some contests, for example, may have a basic minimum trading activity or even a minimum amount of transactions. However, you will also not be eligible for a prize if you do not achieve these standards if your performance is exceptional.

This is where you’ll find all ongoing competitions and details regarding them, including rewards, start and end dates, and entry requirements.

Once the competition begins, viewers may check the real-time scoreboard ranks of all individuals depending on the trade competition’s performance (ROI). The higher your profit on a virtual trading account, the higher you will move in the leaderboard.

These contest cards will stay on the my contest tab, allowing you to see when it will expire, where you qualified, and also how many individuals will be in the contest.

When the competition is over, all qualifying winners will get an email with instructions on how to collect their reward.


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