Metaverse are Popular Place to buy for, Trade, Store Cryptocurrency, Survey Show

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The metaverse can become the foremost well-liked place to shop for, sell, and trade cryptocurrency, consistent with a recent survey. Additionally, 70% of respondents agree that “cryptocurrency and blockchain technology advancements are vital to shaping the long run of the metaverse.”

Survey: Metaverse Are the Foremost Well-Liked Place for Crypto

Nasdaq-listed Agora (NASDAQ: API), a video, voice, and live interactive streaming platform, conducted a survey on the metaverse and printed the results Tuesday.

The company asked 300 U.S.-based developers a collection of queries “to learn a lot of regarding what they thought of the metaverse and what we are going to see within the coming back years,” Agora careful. Developers were surveyed as a result of for them, “the growth of the metaverse permits the event of recent communities and permits them to higher connect with users,” the corporate explained.

According to the results:

57% of respondents assume that the metaverse can become the foremost well-liked place to shop for, store and trade cryptocurrency, whereas eighteen disagree and 25% feel neutral.

Survey participants were jointly asked who they assume they can own the metaverse. 55% of respondents aforesaid Meta (formerly Facebook), 9% said Google, 7% said Microsoft, 6% said Apple, and 5% said Amazon.

Meta recently filed eight trademark applications covering the metaverse and a good vary of crypto services.

A number of analysts have calculable the dimensions of the metaverse. Last month, Citi foretold that the metaverse may well be a $13 trillion chance with 5 billion users by the year 2030. Meanwhile, investment banks anarchist Sachs  Morgan Stanley each aforesaid the metaverse may well be an $8 trillion chance.

In Feb, JPMorgan opened a lounge in Decentraland when stating that “The metaverse can seemingly infiltrate each sector in how within the coming back years, with the market chance calculable at over $1 trillion in yearly revenues.”


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