FDIC Issues Crypto-Related Cease and Desist Orders to 5 Corporations Including FTX U.S.A. Exchange

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has sent a stop and refrain letter to 5 corporations, together with crypto exchange FTX US CEO Sam Bankman-Fried explained that FTX doesn’t have corp insurance, stating: “We ne’er meant otherwise, and apologize if anyone misinterpreted it … to be clear FTX U.S.A. isn’t corp insured.”

FDIC Orders 5 companies to Stop and Refrain

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) issued crypto-related stop and refrain orders to 5 corporations Friday. The agency regulates and insures the deposits of FDIC-insured community banks and different monetary establishments.

The letters demand that the 5 corporations and their officers “cease and refrain from creating false and dishonorable statements regarding corp deposit insurance.” they need to additionally “take immediate corrective action to deal with these false or dishonorable statements.”

The 5 corporations are FTX U.S.A., Cryptonews.com, Cryptosec.info, Smartasset.com, and FDICCrypto.com.

The corp detailed:

Each of those corporations created false representations — together with on their websites and social media accounts — stating or suggesting that bound crypto–related product area unit FDIC–insured or that stocks command in brokerage accounts area unit FDIC–insured.

According to the corp, Cryptonews.com has reviews on its web site claiming that Coinbase, Etoro, and Gemini crypto commercialism platforms area unit corp insured. Cryptosec.info and Smartasset.com give an inventory of FDIC-insured crypto exchanges that has Crypto.com, Luno, Robinhood, and traveller. Meanwhile, FDICCrypto.com blatantly registered a web site with corp in its name.

FTX US Ordered to Cease and Desist

FTX US. is one among the crypto companies that received a stop and refrain letter from the corp.

Although FTX and FTX U.S.A. area unit 2 separate commercialism platforms, they’re each supported by surface-to-air missile Bankman-Fried, United Nations agency is presently the chief executive officer of each corporations. international exchange FTX doesn’t enable U.S. residents to trade on its platform.

Bankman-Fried apologized for the confusion relating to corp insurance on Twitter. “Clear communication is basically important; sorry!” he tweeted. “FTX doesn’t have corp insurance (and we’ve ne’er aforementioned thus on web site etc.); banks we tend to work with do. we tend to ne’er meant otherwise, and apologize if anyone misinterpreted it.” during a follow-up tweet, he stressed: “To be clear, FTX U.S.A. isn’t corp insured.”

This wasn’t the primary time the corp has taken action against crypto corporations. The regulator and also the Federal Reserve Board issued a letter to traveller Digital last month stringent the crypto investor stop and refrain from creating false or dishonorable representations of deposit insurance standing. traveller filed for bankruptcy protection last month.


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