CryptoDungeons: New Game Announced for the Tron Arcade

By Rushali Shome

Tron has recently announced a brand new game for its gaming platform Tron Arcade, called the CryptoDungeons through its Medium blog and Twitter. This is an RPG game based on the TRX blockchain, which was initially being planned for the Ethereum network, but has since been moved to Tron.

The game developers came together with the people at Tron to devise a gaming ecosystem for this network specifically. On the blog post dated February 8th 2019, the Tron Arcade wrote:

“Many crypto games have achieved popularity through simple game mechanics that center around blockchain. While we support these forays into making crypto mainstream, we also want to help promote games that have a more traditional gaming DNA. This is why we are excited to welcome CryptoDungeons to Tron Arcade, a game that is reminiscent of Final Fantasy and built on Ethereum, but will port over their universe, story, and characters to create a game on TRON.”

The basic storyline of the game suggests that the kingdom of “Brightdawn” is gearing up for war, with its people and soldiers gathering their arms and other supplies to ensure a victory. There will be a number of “missions” for the gamers to undertake in this game. For each, they will be able to choose heroes that are best suited to a particular mission.

The blog post explains further:

“Players can currently play several missions to gather materials that can be used to craft powerful weapons and armor. Successfully passing a mission requires players to carefully select heroes suited to the mission’s challenges. Parties of heroes can also be assembled to take on dungeons, where players can gain rare items that will assist them in the the most exciting elements of Cryptodungeons — player versus player tournaments (with big prize pots!). Dungeons are available to those who have at least 3 heroes, and players will have up to six rounds for their heroes to defeat the enemies.”

The blog post has told us that the game is still in the development phase, with final touches being added. Soon, blockchain gaming enthusiasts can expect an announcement for its presale date. This game will obviously use the TRX cryptocurrency for facilitating in-game purchases and to give out competition rewards.

Rushali Shome

Rushali Shome is a history undergraduate with a keen interest in puns, politics and beyond. When not typing away furiously in the “Notes” section of her phone, she can be found trying to catch the eye of servers at restaurants or weddings for a second helping.

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