Bitpay Adds APE and EUROC Support — Luxury Retail Giant Gucci Accepts Apecoin Payments

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On August 2, the Atlanta-based crypto payment services supplier Bitpay declared that it’s expanded its crypto quality support with 2 completely different crypto assets. Bitpay disclosed the company has integrated apecoin and monetary unit coin into the firm’s platform and therefore the luxury retail and designer Gucci has declared it’ll be the primary merchant to simply accept apecoin through Bitpay.

APE and EUROC Now Supported by Bitpay’s Payments Platform, Gucci Becomes the first Merchant to accept APE via Bitpay’s Services

Bitpay added 2 new crypto assets to the company’s payment platform when Bitpay’s payment processor already accepted digital currencies like bitcoin, bitcoin money, ethereum, xrp, dogecoin, shiba inu, and litecoin.

Alongside those coins, Bitpay supports many stablecoin assets still like Circle’s usd coin (USDC). This week, Bitpay expanded the platform’s choices by adding apecoin (APE) and monetary unit coin (EUROC).

Apecoin (APE) is renowned for being a crypto quality designed for the Bored Ape lodge (BAYC) metaverse known as the “Otherside.” The digital currency monetary unit coin (EUROC) is the newly launched Circle stablecoin backed by 1:1 with the monetary unit (EUR).

Both crypto assets were launched this year and Bitpay details that the posh retailer  and designer Gucci are going to be the primary merchant to simply accept APE via Bitpay’s system in U.S. stores.

Gucci already accepts 10 completely different crypto assets and Bitpay’s co-founder and chief executive officer Stephen try aforesaid luxury merchants like Gucci, asked Bitpay to support APE and therefore the new euro-based stablecoin EUROC.

“We added apecoin and euro coin as a result of customers of our luxury businessperson partners asked for it,” try aforesaid during a statement sent to News. Bitpay conjointly explained that apecoin holders will leverage the coin with the Bitpay Mastercard.

Apecoin is ranked 33 out of over 30,000 crypto quality market capitalizations ANd it reached an incomparable high 3 months ago on April 28, 2022. At that point APE broached $26.70 per token and these days, apecoin is down 74.5% from the incomparable value high.

Circle introduced a euro coin in the period of time 2022 and therefore the range of euro-pegged stablecoins has stood at 1,683% since 2020. Before supporting EUROC, Bitpay already supported 5 USD-pegged stable coins BUSD, DAI, GUSD, USDP, and USDC.


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